Erica Williams

Erica Williams, often called the “Tony Robbins of Social Change”, is the CEO of Foolish Live Ventures. Foolish Life works with individuals, organizations and brands to unlock the power of... more

Erika González

Erika González is a Xicana educator and former environmental justice organizer with fifteen years of experience working with children and families in K-12. Erika infuses art, social justice and... more

Ernie Paniccioli

Regarded by most to be the premier “Hip-Hop photographer in America”, Paniccioli first made his foray into the culture in 1973 when he began capturing the ever-present graffiti art... more


Fronted by MC’s Rodstarz, and MC/Producer G1, Rebel Diaz shows us the true global power of Hip-Hop. After first performing at an immigrant rights march in New York City in 2006 in... more

Gaye Theresa Johnson

Gaye Theresa Johnson is a Professor of African American Studies and Chicana and Chicano Studies at the University of California at Los Angeles. At UCLA she is also the Chair of the Faculty... more

Greisa Martinez

Greisa Martinez is Advocacy Director at the United We Dream Network. Originally from Hidalgo, Mexico, Greisa immigrated to the U.S. with her family at an early age and grew up in Dallas, TX as... more

Gwen Carr

 As the matriarch of one of Staten Island's largest African-American families, Gwendolyn Carr has earned nationwide recognition as the mother of the late Eric Garner who was murdered by the New... more

Haki Madhubuti

Haki R. Madhubuti is a major contributor to the Black literary tradition, in particular through his early association with the Black Arts Movement beginning in the mid-60s, which has had a lasting... more


Invincible is a Detroit based Hip-Hop artist.  She began penning lyrics at the age of nine, shortly after moving to the Midwest from the Middle East and learning English by memorizing her... more

Jabari Asim

Jabari Asim is the Editor-in-chief of Crisis magazine (a cultural and political journal published by the NAACP and founded by W.E.B Dubois in 1910).  He is the former deputy book editor for the... more