Rodrigo Starz

Fronted by MC’s Rodstarz, and MC/Producer G1, Rebel Diaz shows us the true global power of Hip-Hop. After first performing at an immigrant rights march in New York City in 2006 in... more

Rosa Clemente

Rosa Clemente is a community organizer and journalist. In 2008 she was the Vice Presidential candidate for the Green Party.  Her commentary has appeared on CNN, C-Span, and other leading news... more

Samaria Rice

A mother and social justice activist who advocates for justice and police transformation across the US, Samaria Rice is the the Founder of the Tamir Rice Foundation.  more

Samy Alim

Dr. Samy Alim is an Associate Professor of Education, Linguistics, and Comparative Studies of Race & Ethnicity at Stanford University. His research interests include the long-term study of the... more

Shamako Noble

Shamako Noble is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Hip-Hop Congress. Shamako also currently serves as the Director of Education for the Hip-Hop Association, a grassroots organization whose... more

Shaun King

Shaun King is one of many voices—though an increasingly prominent voice—within the Black Lives Matter movement. By using social media to highlight, amplify, and discuss news of police... more

Sonia Sanchez

Sonia Sanchez is a renowned writer, poet, playwright and activist. An influential force in African American literary and political culture for over three decades, she was also in the forefront of the... more

Sybrina Fulton

Sybrina Fulton is dedicating her life to transforming family tragedy into social change. Since the death of her 17 year old son, Trayvon Martin, during the violent confrontation in 2012, Fulton has... more

Talib Kweli

Talib Kweli emerged on the national hip-hop scene as part of the rap group Black Star, along with Mos Def and DJ Hi-Tec in 1998, with the debut album Mos Def and Talib Kweli are Black Star. The album... more

Tamika Mallory

Tamika Mallory is President of Mallory Consulting. She was a national organizer for the Justice or Else March, which convened in Washington DC in October 2015 on the 20th Anniversary of the... more