Islamophobia & Hip-Hop

Diversity in Religion, Race, Gender and Generations

THE NEW MUSLIM COOL TOUR examines Islamophobia in the US alongside the ways youth across racial, cultural and religious backgrounds are embracing their American identity. This interactive townhall gathering examines the ways the hip-hop generation, often outside of the media spotlight, is fighting against media perceptions of an America too often seen exclusively in Black-and-white. This townhall style gathering invites audiences to explore the ways youth are thinking through the intersections of national identity with religion, gender, race and the future of the country. An interactive spoken word performance, film screening, and panel discussion, this event introduces audiences to filmmaker Jennifer Taylor and independent hip-hop artist MC Hamza—the subject of Taylor’s important new film. An exciting panel discussion follows the screening.

  • What can young Americans do to make our democracy more inclusive?
  • How does race in America extends beyond Black and White?
  • What role does faith play in the lives of youth today?
  • How are policing and criminal justice issues impacting this generation?