Global Hip-Hop & Economic Recovery

Over its nearly four-decade history, hip-hop too has been recognized internationally for its ability to inspire a distinctive brand of entrepreneurship among youth. For countless young people locked out of the mainstream economy, this innovative impulse has brought with it a sense of economic freedom. With the world currently experiencing one of the deepest recessions in the last half century, now is an opportune moment to consider hip-hop’s economic survival strategies. Such strategies have been prevalent from hip-hop’s origins in the South Bronx to growth in Sidney, Rio, London, Tokyo, Johannesburg, and beyond.

“Global Hip-Hop and Economic Recovery” is a discussion that will dissect what the recession means for young people. This forum will examine the global evolution of hip-hop and its appeal to diverse racial, ethnic and cultural groups. The event will also highlight the ways the entrepreneurial spirit inherent in hip-hop culture can assist global economic recovery efforts. Presented in a townhall meeting format, this provocative, highly interactive 90-minute forum is designed to challenge students to think more broadly about global economics, democracy, diversity, community activism, innovation and new models of leadership.

  • In what key ways can hip-hop innovation play a role in global economic recovery?
  • How is hip-hop beginning to inform public policy issues like Green Jobs, Climate Change, Arts, and Criminal Justice?
  • Who are the youth leaders and organizations at the forefront of these movements?