The Art Of Resistance

An Inter-Generational Dialogue between the Civil Rights & Hip-Hop Generations

The Art Of Resistance joins premier contemporary artists in dialogue with the artist/activists of the Black Arts and Civil Rights Movements, the pioneers of hip-hop culture, and YOU, the next generation. Together, we will examine past alliances between art and social movements, with an eye on defining what political art and artful politics look like in today’s changing and polarized America.

This forum focuses on empowering youth to consider best practices for moving a political agenda around issues that affect their daily lives and building new institutions that speak to the contemporary challenges facing young Americans in the post election, post recession moment.

A panel of scholars, activists, and artists lead participants in an interactive 90-minute townhall style discussion that explores the major civil rights issues of our time and encourages students “to be the change they wish to see in the world.”

  • Is there a role for pop culture in political struggles?
  • How do emerging movements build on previous ones?
  • What are some contemporary examples where art and grassroots activism are merging?
  • How do we get activists who are skeptical about artists playing a serious role in politics to more fully engage art?
  • How does social media enhance or distract from political engagement?