Is America Really Post-Racial?

Is America Really Post-Racial?
During the 2008 presidential primary, the word “post-racial” emerged as a watch word to describe one of the leading candidates and by extension an entire generation of young people. But what does it mean to be post-racial in the hip-hop generation? Hip-hop, the youth culture of our time, has become synonymous with race even as it appeals to global cultures. Likewise, have we truly arrived at a post-racial era when the n-word is daily prevalent in hip-hop lyrics and culture?

“Post-racism and Hip-Hop” is a townhall meeting that attempts to answer the important question, “can the n-word and post racism co-exist?” The post civil rights generation is American’s most global and heterogeneous ever. At the same time, as the historically weighted n-word suggests, we still struggle with our country’s unreconciled racial history.

As a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama called for a national discussion on race to address some of these concerns. This community dialogue answers the call. Presented in a townhall meeting format, this highly interactive 90-minute forum will be headlined by leading hip-hop activists, scholars and artists.

  • Has America entered a post-racial era?
  • If so, what are the challenges of race in such a time?
  • What are the cultural and political roots of the n-word, and is it still relevant?
  • Who can and should use the n-word, and when is it appropriate?