”Understanding the Hip-Hop Voting Bloc,” a Rap Sessions 2008 poll of hip-hop generation voters from age 18-45

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Understanding the Hip-Hop Voting Bloc hopes to identify the ways these younger generations of Americans are processing race, gender, pop culture and other life experiences in such a manner that distinguishes them from previous generations of Americans. Unlike other researchers who turn their attention to young voters due to record turnouts in 2008, rapsessions.org wants to know both (a) how generational variables pre and post civil rights translate into youth adults’ participation as voters; and (b) the subtle disparities that persist within the younger generations, those born between 1965 and 1984 (the hip-hop generation), and the post hip-hop generation voting age younger siblings. Finally, we hope that this poll will provide crucial information to help the important mission of preparing young American adults to be civically engaged, assist political parties to cater their messages accordingly, and aid our nation in more specifically appealing to the needs of this emerging voting bloc.