Tracy Sharpley-Whiting

Tracy Sharpley-Whiting is the author of the forthcoming book on Black women and hip-hop, Pimps Up, Ho\'s Down: Young Black Women, Hip-Hop and the New Gender Politics (New York University Press, 2006). Her 2000 publication The Black Feminist Reader, which she co-edited, is taught on college campuses across the country. The Director of the Black Studies Program at Vanderbilt University, she’s lectured around the globe on feminism and race. She is also Professor of French and Director of the W.T. Bandy Center for Baudelaire and Modern French Studies. Her books include Negritude Women (2002), Black Venus: Sexualized Savages, Primal Fears, and Primitive Narratives in French (1999), Frantz Fanon: Conflicts and Feminisms (1998).