Shamako Noble

Shamako Noble is the co-founder and Executive Director of The Hip-Hop Congress. Shamako also currently serves as the Director of Education for the Hip-Hop Association, a grassroots organization whose mission is to "inspire civic action and cultivate cultural creativity. A well known advocate for incorporating Hip Hop culture into Education and youth programs, Noble has taught workshops and teach-ins at schools all over the Bay area—from elementary schools to colleges—on a variety of topics including the origins of hip hop and organizing and activism in hip hop culture. Shamako has also written for numerous websites and magazines, and in 2001 became co-editor (along with long-time collaborator of H2O: The Hip-Hop Observer, a monthly on-line and print journal of hip hop culture and activism. As a hip-hop artist, Shamako is distinguished by his subtle yet aggressive style, and by his freestyle performance in particular. He has been involved in the West-Coast battle circuit as a competitor and a judge for many years and won regional and local championships all over California. His first album, "The Return of the Coming of the Aftermath," was released in 2004. He has recently released a mixtape, "Sword of the West: Vol 1."  His forthcoming album is entitled "Personal Issues"  (Fall 2012).