Marion Gray-Hopkins

  Marion Gray-Hopkins is a retired banking executive.  She is a mother of three adult children, six grandchildren and two great grand children. In 2000 she began her work as an activist in the movement for justice, police accountability and transparency after the senseless killing of her unarmed 19 year-old son Gary Hopkins, Jr. in November 1999 by a Prince Georges County, MD police officer.   She is a member of the Prince Georges County Peoples Coalition, Maryland Coalition for Justice and Police Accountability (MCJPA) , a core member of ONUS Inc National Victims of Police Brutality and Terrorism Committee and Executive Officer of the Mid-Atlantic Region for Families United 4 Justice.    She was a core team member in organizing the Million Moms March in May 2015. She’s actively engaged with organizations such American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Code Pink,  Progressive Maryland, Campaign for Justice, Safety and Jobs (CJSJ), A Mothers Cry, Families United 4 Justice, and Amnesty International. Her advocacy work has afforded her meetings with White House and Department of Justice Department officials to discuss needed changes. She is a recipient of the 2016  Washington Peace Center “No Justice No Peace Award”.  Her activist work has led her to speak out on police terrorism locally, nationally and internationally; speaking in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil to support the “Beyond Borders” Conference and Kingston, Jamaica for “Broken But Not Destroyed Campaign.  She co-founded and serves as the President of the Coalition of Concerned Mothers (COCM), comprised primarily of mothers whose mission is to stop police brutality, senseless community violence and mass incarceration while identifying and supporting policy and legislative change.