Jorge “Popmaster” Fabel Pabon

Jorge “Popmaster” Fabel Pabon is a renowned Hip Hop dancer, choreographer and historian. The Senior Vice President of the Rock Steady Crew, he’s also co founder of Tools of War, a hip-hop pr and consulting firm. Born and raised in Spanish Harlem, NYC, at an early age he developed his dance and choreography career at Hip Hop jams and clubs throughout the city. Beyond hip-hop dance, Fabel has also advanced hip-hop culture through his impact in film, theatre, aerosol art, DJ'ing and digital arts.  Additionally, he helped created and choreographed the first two Hip Hop musicals ever, "So! What Happens Now?" and "Jam on the Groove." In 1984, Fabel gained world renown as a featured dancer in the Hip Hop cult classic movie, "Beat Street." In 1999, he served as a consultant for The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s exhibit and conference: "The Hip Hop Nation: Roots, Rhyme and Rage." His essays have appeared in notable hip-hop books like Joe Conzo's "Born in the Bronx," Martha Cooper's "Hip Hop Files,” and Jeff Chang’s "Total Chaos." He has taught hip-hop dance at the New School in NYC and at NYU' Tisch School of the Arts.