Boots Riley

Boots Riley is a co-founder of the hip hop group The Coup, as well as the group's primary producer, arranger and songwriter. Together with DJ Pam the Funktress, Riley has helped The Coup's sounds evolve, from early '90s Afroethnicity to 21st century Raptivism. Along the way, they've released four classic and award-winning albums: Kill My Landlord (1993), Genocide and Juice (1994), Steal this Album (1998), Party Music (2001), which was named "best rap album of the year" by numerous publications including Rolling Stone and Village Voice, and "best pop album of the year" by the Washington Post . Regarding their most recent album Pick a Bigger Weapon, Rolling Stone calls it "the rare record that makes revolution sound like hot fun on a Saturday night." Boots also appears with dead prez on the compilation CD No More Prisons.