Billy Wimsatt

Billy Wimsatt is the Executive Director of The League of Young Voters, which has been organizing hip-hop voters around the country since 2003. The League supports young people to be players and winners in the political game nationwide through organizing, developing leaders, and running issue campaigns. Best known in hip-hop circles as Chicago graffiti writer Upski, Wimsatt’s multi-issued interest in hip-hop and youth culture has led him to be a journalist, entrepreneur, philanthropist, political organizer and organization builder, often simultaneously. An active lecturer on college campuses around the country, he is the author of the 1994 groundbreaking Bomb the Suburbs as well as four other books: No More Prisons (1999), Another World is Possible (2001), Future 500: Youth Organizing and Activism in the US (2002), and How to Get Stupid White Men Out of Office (2004).