Abir Alzinaty

Abeer Alzinaty is a hip-hop artist, writer and activist. Born to a Palestinian family inside the Israeli borders, Abeer learned to express herself through art. As Sabreena Da Witch she has performed with the Palestinian hip-hop group DAM and released her own cd, Witches Intifada Mixtape Vol 1. She’s also an R& B performer, performing R&B in Arabic and English since 2000. As an activist, Abeer has participated in various initiatives to support Palestinian children. With two other local Arab Guerilla women she founded a youth club, “Future Seekers,” in their hometown of Lyd to provide children with a place to play and grow. She has also worked in East Jerusalem in the Israeli Women's Lobby as a mentor to young women. Abeer immigrated to the United States in 2007 and is featured in the hip-hop documentary “Slingshot Hip-Hop” (directed by Jackie Salloum), which follows the lives of young Palestinians who pioneered the hip-hop scene in Palestine.