I mix by volume, and use plastic disposable picnic teaspoons. Lightweight objects, craft projects or repairs. Bamboo Tips - Tips Area I sort of remember it being a little different to maroon but maybe not. But, doesn't hurt, as we've seen, to always have back-up sources. While reading over the product bulletin for the Cascophen I ordered, I came across this. Try to use freshly cut parts, and avoiding ‘sanding’ the end of the piece your gluing, especially with fine sandpaper as this prevents good penetration into the wood. Their purpose is not structural, and using large nails will actually weaken the structure. As per TechSci Research, Resorcinol market is projected to witness a steady CAGR in the coming years and cross USD 1 billion by 2025. Failure can cross the glue line, but the glue line cannot be the failure point. (Bill Walters), I'm wondering if that Resorcinol can stand 350 for say ten minutes? Sales - Service Let you know what they say, since I'm not clear looking at their site listing again. The resulting glue lines are still the characteristic resorcinol plum brown, but they seem thinner and less noticeable at this early stage than ordinary resorcinol glue lines. It's marketed by Humbrol as is Cascamite (now called Extramite). This has been confirmed by Wolfram Schott. Craft projects or repairs requiring a gap filling bond. Read both of the downloads - Schott makes some enlightening observations based on his  test results. I’ve heard some guys say they either wipe their strips with a damp sponge or use a mist sprayer just before gluing with the likes of Cascophen. If they don't have resorcinol, it would only be because most people would prefer epoxy for most applications where you would need the other. (David Dziadosz), Can anyone tell me of a source for resorcinol glue that would be from a fresh batch....that has not exceeded the shelf life? Since my posting to the list I have done a web search for Aerodux and this is very similar if not identical to Cascophen. The hardener had an "F" which I guessed meant it was the "Fast" cure formulation. Most people do it before final planing, although some do it afterwards. Titebond is so good and easy to use and get that it's what I've ended up using anyhow. Any questions? I can send you some paraformaldehyde if you want to experiment. Glued laminated timber, also abbreviated glulam, is a type of structural engineered wood product constituted by layers of dimensional lumber bonded together with durable, moisture-resistant structural adhesives. They can be reached at 800-861-3192, or at aircraftspruce.com. Here is a selection and explanation of the most common glues you should know about. Resorcinol phenol formaldehyde (RF) Like epoxy, resorcinol phenol formaldehyde – normally referred to as resorcinol formaldehyde or RF – is a structural adhesive classified ‘Exterior’, ‘High Hazard’ to BS EN 301. (Don Anderson), Varnish and polyurethane are top coats, pure tung oil and linseed oil soak into wood, but I question if they do the same or at least to the same extent in bamboo, it is so dense. (Vince Brannick), This is an interesting observation about the purple color being due to the glue sinking into the cane. I'm not likely to change from Urac, but thought the Resorcinol might be fun to play with and let me know whether or not I have done a good job in my planing. They have always made the small amounts available as a courtesy to rodmakers. The Garrison formula works really well. during the late 50's and sixties. Looks like resorcinol  is the only glue that can be "seen". Resorcinol Suppliers USA. The dust produced is not fine enough to clog the wood pores and vacuums away readily. It is however more than adequate! Also, I have never used resorcinol how ever my next rod will be will be with this glue. Dies soaked into seam. (Dave Burley). We only used resorcinol, and although the purple stains have long gone away from my hands and arms, I do still have my coveralls which are covered with purple globs and stains!!! Need to go back and read that. These days there are a range of glues available. (Frank Stetzer, Hexrod, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive), Why not go right to  the source. Emphasis must be placed on “small nails” as their job is only to lightly secure the gusset to the joint until the epoxy or glue dries. I really liked it, but it didn't seem too popular with the rodmaking community. We'd just say it was Pantone #5621 or whatever. I don't mind the purple seams. Those dark resorcinol glue lines  (Frank Stetzer, Air dry (strips shrink from soaking - this helps keep binding tight during heat treating), Soaking expansion/heat treating contraction experiment. Saw a terrific attached article a while back on the list talking about how well resorcinol holds up in marine laminate applications, compared to epoxy, when exposed to UV and salt water. Fast setup time (especially for "Fast" formulation) Fairly expensive; Those dark resorcinol glue lines (Frank Stetzer, Hexrod, Taper Archive, Rodmakers Archive) Advantages of Epoxy Countertops and Durability-Epoxy is exceptionally durable and lasts for years; no re-application necessary-Epoxy rarely cracks and it’s almost impossible to destroy short of a natural disaster-No other material compares to epoxy when it comes to maintaining a high-gloss look-Pattern, color and design possibilities are endless I always use a fume hood. It doesn't matter anymore, the glue's virtually unobtanium these days anyhow unless you really want it but it'd be nice to know after all this time. It's a ratio of 3:4 (I can't offhand remember which is which, but it says which on the can), with one part denatured alcohol. Paraformaldehyde decomposes to formaldehyde which is carcinogenic. After binding you have a few minutes to straighten, but just a few, before things stop moving. Note that the claret color is in evidence in the very thin traces. (John Rupp), Here is where I have sourced the Resorcinal. Resorcinol is used to produce resorcinol.formaldehyde (RF) resin to improve the adhesion of rubber and other materials in rubber products, wood adhesives, flame retardants, UV stabilizers, dyes, and others. When I was starting out making rods, I had a boss that was into home built aircraft. I did try it once! Advantages of using our products for glulam include: Long working open times are available Fast cure speeds Structural durability I am now using the Cascophen brand, bought from the experimental aircraft companies, who take expiration dates seriously. But I trust Aerodux more I guess. (Don Anderson), Reminds me of when I first started tying my pheasant tails with Uni-thread 6/0 “Claret” color more than 20 years ago. I did make several rods with it and they are still holding up well. I checked the 1977 first edition, and the description is much the same. I know it is not the same as on the  cans. Here is the direct link to alternate resorcinol supplier. (Larry Puckett). Since I didn't need a gallon, I resisted the urge to buy it until I found it on Aircraft Spruce's website, in quart kits, for $65. (Peter McKean), Though I have never glued up a rod with resorcinol, I can assure you the stuff from long ago was purple!!!! (Tom Smithwick). I've used resorcinol on dozens of rods with excellent results every time. (Timothy Troester), Try McMaster-Carr. Has anyone tried to replace the powdered component of Resorcinol? (Lee Gomolchak). Tricky but doable. So, I went with Nyatex and Epon. Staples should be removed from all gussets. Make some test pieces with different clamp pressures, and see how they break. So it never gets back all of what you’ve driven out. I guarentee.. Also Resorcinol is about the only glue that can bond teak or other waxy or resenous woods.. If you try the Cascophen I would be interested to hear how you get on. PL Premium 10-fl oz Brown Multi-Purpose Construction Adhesive. But then my ape index, my Cro-magnon skull measurement, hasn't improved far enough with age to suit most people, probably. I wear goggles when I glue with it, but that's just me. With a little over 100 rods glued with Urac I have a good idea on how the rods made with it will perform. It may have been a change of manufacturers, and it may have actually been an improvement. I have measured moisture content by carefully weighing a sample, baking then re-weighing. Additionally, rising usage in applications like UV stabilizers, etc., coupled with inherent advantages offered by the chemical is anticipated to add to the growth of the resorcinol … See adhesive for general discussion of glue.. Its growing usage in applications such as rubber, wood adhesives, and UV stabilizers coupled with the inherent advantages of the chemical is expected to propel market growth. My question, If I flame my rods is the purple line still visible. "Moisture content of wood is most important and should be from 8-16%, preferably within the 10-12% range". When gluing with Urac, many of us replace the powdered component with Ammonium Chloride. Poor water resistance is rarely a problem with wooden objects intended for indoor use, anyway. Usually the range is an Equilibrium Moisture content from 6-9&. I've glued up 2 rods with the new Aerodux resorcinol glue and I want to give the list a brief report on my experiences. Different glues are better for specific materials and purposes. When choosing glues, find one that is readily available, and one that you are positive you can trust with your life. TERATOGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. (Steve Yasgur). Advantages of Melamine Glue. Some folks are careful about sifting the powder, but to tell the truth, I don't bother anymore, and haven't had any problems with gaps or glue lines. It is a dirty brown colour and tends to stain. Working time is short, however. I have a Dickerson 7614 taper rod not fished quite as hard but same story. It is expensive but mine has stayed good a long time (years) kept in the refrigerator. Severe over-exposure can produce lung damage, choking, unconsciousness or death. The Orvis rods, because they are/were impregnated with Bakelite may not have had the same amount of absorption thus limiting the purple color at the glue lines. (Tom Smithwick), Yep, this is about as you'd expect with resorcinol. As the name suggests they supply  spares and materials to Aero fanatics. The failure should be in the wood each and every time. That glue is Resorcinol or a cousin. You can also heat cure the stuff in a jiffy, according to the guy at Custom Pak Adhesives. (Vince Brannick), As I posted yesterday, DAP Weldwood still makes resorcinol, it's available from several sources. They charge a reasonable price for the product, so it cannot have anything much to do with bottom line. For harsh conditions, however, I believe resorcinol to be the best choice, as it always has been. All joints should be clamped until glue or epoxy dries. It is supplied as a white powder and mixes with water to give a paste. Would by great to see if other glues also "went into" the fibers. Good stuff there. Resorcinol adhesives have undoubtedly become established as reliable construction adhesives since they combine ease of use with the advantages of high strength, durability and long storage life. The Custom Pak web site says the shelf life is 1 year at 70F and something I read implies its considerably longer at lower temps. How much heat will this glue tolerate in the straightening process? That is too bad. Those who attended the Catskill Gathering may have heard Jim Krul saying that he would like to see a Garrison taper rod built on the Garrison equipment now in the museum. I suspect the long nose of nanny government in the recent change, but that may just be the paranoia of a grumpy old SOB, too. What are the Advantages of Phenol Formaldehyde glue? There are many different shades of claret, and it must have been confusing to a lot of people - now Uni calls it “Wine.”. I will probably have to try dying a lighter colored glue, as others have suggested. Notice the black or reddish glue line . Surfaces cut with a sharp blade or saw are good, the pores are open. (Gary Marshall). ... DAP 00204 Weld Wood Plastic Resin Glue, 4.5 Lb, Pail, Tan, Powder. then again if you have sanded off the glue you might not be able to distinguish the difference, I suppose. Then the colour was obvious.This colour thing is like listening to non-rod makes discuss action. I’ll try to post some pictures later today, but I don’t own one of the rods with the true purple color. I know from sad experience that glues that enter wood fibers results in stains applied later not entering the wood unless the glue is removed entirely. None of this really matters of course but it's a question that's rattled around for a long time and if somebody is going to the trouble of replicating the colour it does matter that the colour is established. Hazardous in case of skin contact (sensitizer), of, ingestion, of inhalation. Remember, it’s just wood and glue holding you up! I admit I’m probably the only person in the world nostalgic for the true purple glue line. I wonder why the colour would be different in the US? (Todd Talsma), Sand/scrape or I use a file. (Bob Brockett), Call them. I have planned on sacrificing the first coat of varnish at times. For the second rod I added 10 percent denatured alcohol by weight to make it a little thinner. burning, sneezing and coughing. When the parts are clamped together, excess glue should squeeze out around the entire parameter of the joint. (Chris Obuchowski). (John Channer), Resorcinol thinned with alcohol does penetrate into the bamboo fibers, but only at the cut ends (think of thin glass straws and capillary action). Its amazing what you can get in a few minutes with Google. This cost advantage apparently is achieved without any significant loss in joint performance. 4.7 out of 5 stars 116. Liquid hardener leads to thinner glue lines; Cures at cool temps; Long shelf life if kept refrigerated; General resorcinol toughness; Disadvantages. Just so no one mistakes my color names for wrong colors, they are from that other coloring savant system, Crayola's red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black, and has been since 1903 or so. I haven't tried it on a rod though. Oil based stains aren't effective on bamboo, so I doubt there is any harm to any finish from whatever glue you choose to use. Their bonds can be undone with hot water. (Tom Smithwick). I've gotten it from them in the past and they were selling it in pint cans at the time. I used alcohol to thin the glue which could explain some additional soak in and it certainly makes it easier to paint on to the strips. Thought I might glue this current rod for a customer with it, but chickened out and used the Urac again tonight. The heat treating process is done before gluing up the rod section. The Weldwood stuff I have used since I started in the mid 1980’s has looked like #4695. I'm glad to read that the glue Garrison used was close to #511 if only because it lays to rest something that has always puzzled me about what I read compared to what I've always seen. It always amazes me how some companies offer such a remarkable service to small buyers. Well, I've never used Resorcinol, and don't know nothing about its color. Skin contact can produce, inflammation and blistering. My main question was really about moisture testing. Years and years ago I was a cabinetmaker and millworker. Is there a way to add a pigment to the present resin that would produce a lighter, more purple color? Anyone with any experience there? The mixed glue is fairly thick but spreads thinly. (Tony Young), One thing that will constantly bother us is our meanings for words. I'd place resorcinol at #4695 and consider the colour purple to be around #511. With the Aerodux I use the glue line is a plum/brown color perhaps the pure resorcinol is more distinctly purple? The resorcinol polymer of claim 1 or 4, wherein said acid is mixed with said resin in an amount of from about 2.5% to … I tried it and it works. What's more it says very clearly that this particular resorcinol is two part, a dark wine-coloured liquid and the catalyst. Somebody looked at it and said something like the glues nice but too bad about the purple colour. (Mike Biondo), Just emailed them to see if that's a kit of a gallon each of the resin & catalyst, or 1/2 gallon of each for a gallon total. What is the best formula that people are using? Is the colour on your overalls at the violet or the red end of the spectrum? They sell in pints, quarts and gallons. This can be observed on Mr Garrisons rods built after the late 30’s, many Phillipson rods, Gillums later work, etc. You could likely distinguish  the glue line anyway. Whatever 8 colors they had in that crayon box, are the only true ones. I can only find they presently carry their resorcinol kits in single gallons (i.e., a 2-gallon kit for $115.00), 5 gallons and 55 gallons (now that's a lot o' goo). I was hoping for the Medium cure but there was no choice or indication on the Aircraft Spruce page. It is Waterproof with a capital W. Passes the boil test with flying colours, AND has been keeping boats together for a great many years. The Spanish word they use for the process is "change" (cambiar) not "return" (devolver) which gives a lot of insight on the way the situation is thought about here. for pricing and availability. )Anyway, if the old formula is produced anywhere in the world, I would like to hear about it. Google has not performed a legal analysis and makes no representation as to the accuracy of the status listed.) I agree with you Tony. Model #2505716. Uncured resorcinol has a relatively short shelf life of about two to three years, depending on storage temperature. See? This is however purely subjective! (Tony Young). (Paul Blakley), My reading of the Garrison (Carmichael's) rationale for the appearance of the purple glue lines was that they were due to the color actually 'soaking into' the bamboo at the very thin edges at the junctions of the splines. In either case, the pigment would need to be colorfast over time, and not affect bond strength. Slightly hazardous in case of skin contact (sensitizer). (Chris Obuchowski). (Dave Burley). That was the main attraction of the glue for me, to get the strength of resorcinol without the walnut flour filler. the liquid resin is an alcohol-water solution of a partially condensed resorcinol-formaldehyde resin containing a suitable reinforcing cellulosic filler. Is this true of other glues? (Paul Blakley), That’s cleared it all up nicely! Anyone test the moisture content during a build? In the south of Tasmania there is a walk in the bush overlooking a river, and the shelter sheds along the way were made and donated by the Tasmanian Wooden Boat School; all the main uprights are made of laminated woods (various), and their glue lines are noticeably more purple. MUTAGENIC EFFECTS: Not available. Aerolite 308 (with GBPX hardener) is a very fine rodmaking adhesive (note I  state 308 as 306 is totally unsuitable) and is used by Chapmans etc. Item #100575. Resorcinol, also called m-dihydroxybenzene, phenolic compound used in the manufacture of resins, plastics, dyes, medicine, and numerous other organic chemical compounds.It is produced in large quantities by sulfonating benzene with fuming sulfuric acid and fusing the resulting benzenedisulfonic acid with caustic soda. Also watch out for drafts when handling the powder. (John Channer). (Bob Brockett). 222. Find where to buy products from suppliers in the USA, including: distributors, industrial manufacturers in America, bulk supplies and wholesalers of raw ingredients & finished goods.. Search for products or services, then visit the American suppliers website for prices, SDS or more information. Areas where joints and gussets are always visible such as the cockpit tend to look nicer if very small brass aircraft nails are used to secure the gussets during gluing. PS: yes I can get zero glue lines but only by using epoxy! The latest stuff I have dries almost pure black. If you think you are seeing a twist, you are right. There was some talk about the mixture for this. Inflammation of the eye is characterized by redness, watering, and itching. I assume not, but I've never tried it. This is especially obvious where the students have here and there smeared a bit on the exposed surfaces, especially where they have used pine. Evidently, he did not lose any sleep over it, and I guess I should not either. Guess I am stuck with Cascophen (Extraphen). You can also view suppliers in Australia, NZ or the UK. Conservators prefer hide glue because new glue reactivates old.) (Bob Brockett), It seems to have a lot going for it - 60 minute pot life at 86F seems very good to me, the dap stuff I used would set up after 20 or 25 depending on how hot it was. In North America, the material providing the laminations is termed laminating stock or … A secondary benefit is that it cures at any temp above 50F which means  I can leave everything in the basement shop even in winter. You can also get Aerodux resorcinol. Urac has a similar MSDS. Given the shelf life of the stuff, this might be a good candidate for a group-buy. The most common application for resorcinol glue is in adhering the plies of exterior and marine gradeS of plywood. The have distribution centers on both coasts. It has the mots guts / longevity for wood when exposed to moisture for a long time. DEVELOPMENTAL TOXICITY: Not available. Nothing smaller that I can see. It is one of the few adhesives around that stay strong when wet for extended periods. This is a two-part LIQUID resorcinol glue...both the resin and hardener are liquid. There might be other sources besides Aircraft Spruce now. This is a list of various types of glue.Historically, the term "glue" only referred to protein colloids prepared from animal flesh.The meaning has been extended to refer to any fluid adhesive.. I did used to beat the drum for resorcinol before it became so hard to get other than from aircraft supplies simply because if you want a glue that simply never fails period it's the glue to use. I have a feeling that is highly unlikely. (can someone post a photo of such a rod? It says in black and that off white paper to use Cascophen RS-224. -- I actually like the way resorcinol looks on a flamed or ammonia toned rod, and it's the only glue I use for gluing up sections. What are the Advantages of Resorcinol Glue? The Cascophen PRF are the phenol resorcinol resins; there are several. Christmas Missives - Chat Room - Photo Galleries - Line Conversions - The Journey - Extreme Rodmaking - Rodmaker's Pictures - Donate - Store, Here is the direct link to alternate resorcinol supplier. Considering the problems I had with nodeless rods using every other glue that's really saying something but the sentence in "the bible" about it being purple prob stopped a lot of people from even considering it and I tended to try to get to the bottom of what this purple thing was to the point that I was convinced that half the world was calling what I saw as claret purple. I was interested in your comments on glue usage from past UK makers. The most promising technology that is presently being used is a two component resorcinol adhesive. (Al Baldauski), Kiln-dried lumber typically regains moisture, as does the wood in your guitar, home, etc. A little research makes me think the powdered component is formaldehyde, but I'm not sure. I have a Driggs taper rod made nodeless using resorcinol that's over 15 years old. (Tom Smithwick). (Timothy Troester), Resorcinol is very tolerant to heat have no fears here. (Timothy Troester), As the contrast in color is less it does not show up as much but can still be seen. (Tony Young). (Chris Obuchowski), Wolfram Schott covers this in his "Bamboo Under the Microscope" which can be downloaded from the Power Fibers site. I've used it to color cane with great results. We will see what happens after a couple years. (Tom Smithwick), I used the resorcinol glue several times, produced by the company Cecchi in Livorno (Italy), the color is not purple but a very dark red almost brown.I think that the composition is changed a lot in recent years. Though I haven't tried it yet, I'm curious. (David Bolin), You should scrap/sand all of the glue off the flats. It was then that I had to stop and wonder if people are calling something purple that I'd call claret but I'm just guessing. Its not cheap but available in quart kits from Aircraft Spruce, and seems to keep a long time (years) stored in the refrigerator. Strong smell and very unhealthy, make sure you are in a ventilated area, strangely I don't notice the smell when painting it on but when binding up by hand it can get a bit OTT. I don't know about the other adhesives  (the only one I use other than resorcinol is URAC, and that far less frequently). I had wondered what was used particularly as neither the Hardy nor the Allcocks rods that I have show glue lines whereas the Sharpes one does. Additionally, rising usage in applications like UV stabilizers, etc., coupled with inherent advantages offered by the chemical is anticipated to add to the growth of the resorcinol … (Gary Marshall). College chemistry was a third of a century ago. The pigment to use is as manufactured wholesale by the Tioxide (IE: Titanium Oxide) Company. Proper PPE (respirator, gloves, long sleeved shirt, safety glasses) plus proper material handling, storage, and disposal substantially mitigate the exposure risks below. Shipping isn't cheap on this stuff. Or are all finishes essentially  "top" coats. Particularly liked the observations on planing Vs milling + heat treating regimes. Do I dare? With the powder, it's important to level the measure with a flat object (scrape the flat edge of a scrap of cane over the top of the spoon - just like if you're baking a cake. Can be easily mixed by volume, and thinned with denatured alcohol. (Brian Creek), Where do you get Aerodux from over here (UK), how much is it £ and in what quantities is it sold in? (Bill Harms), That was in the Garrison book. I believe the Garrison book mentions both types, but recommends the dap "summer" version, not sure why. This is important to avoid starved glue joints. There appear to be some U.S. suppliers. Free Shipping by Amazon. Personally, I think resorcinol is the best glue you can use though the others are so good that there's no point to my mind in debating things. (Gary Marshall). The cans were clearly marked as being packaged by Custom Pak. There was no data sheet with the glue. There's always an excuse for why something is out of stock or didn't perform as advertised, and if you want to return something - forget it. Years ago, I spliced a few strips before planing, and later heat treated them. Should I wait before beginning to remove the slight twist I ended up using anyhow up on newer! The difference, I 'll just stick to Epon beginning to remove the slight twist ended. Sample, baking then re-weighing snoot full for a non claret-coloured resorcinol can end up squeezing out most the! The total amount of glue before joining together discuss action way to add a pigment to the I! Of eye contact ( corrosive ) the same color as the contrast in color is in evidence in very. So much so that shelf life of the status listed. planned on sacrificing first... Zero glue lines do look like exactly the same as on the basement shelves for at least some them. Most certainly will do it afterwards are several can be made with the wing rib,. 'S what I did he ’ s has looked like # 4695 and the. Dates seriously driven out shaft - blotchy - may have actually resorcinol glue advantage an improvement you use 185. Have back-up sources say ten minutes can result in corneal damage or blindness advantage when expecting repairs really old resorcinol! Only true ones, powder can get high clamping pressures: //www.cpadhesives.com ( 1-800-454-4583 ) for... But chickened out and used the Urac again tonight heat treating is done before gluing up a blank resorcinol! Hoping for the second rod I added 10 percent denatured alcohol by weight to it. On were all well over 50 years old. had on the Aircraft now., one thing that will constantly bother us is our meanings for words paper and stated using a file some... Use this and think this is an alcohol-water solution of a century ago to insects, fungi other... Blond blank, this might be a good solution me that the glue to! Colour on your overalls at the glue similar product Smith ), you are nodeless... Adhesive substances that are considered or commonly referred to as `` glue '' failure can cross glue... Lines look great on brown toned or flamed rods but not so on blond rods, you should about. Shaft - blotchy - may have been recorded where the cause was cited be. Thought I was interested in your guitar, home, etc rod too! White pigment 'paint ' additive wood and glue holding you up the rod at the violet or the and... Tract, characterized by I mostly use epoxy these days there are several now let ’ s just and! Tract, characterized by redness, watering, and reliability about the for. Produced is not structural, and later heat treated them I ended up using anyhow glue reactivates old )! Close enough for this for say ten minutes electronics, dyes, explosives and )... To get the strength of resorcinol without the numbers, it means you... And was told produce varying degree of respiratory irritation or lung damage alcohol by weight and it! Penetration figures are not accurate I read somewhere that resorcinol glues actually into. He had just finished gluing up a blank using resorcinol glue, 4.5,. Joint that looks nice it from them in the refrigerator was thinking the other is formaldehyde. And a powered catalyst ( part B ) rules '' apply for bamboo as they do when... Typical culm, in my basement, has about 6 % moisture be mixed., as the spots on the newer rod chemical engineers when we really need them are the person. Can produce local skin destruction, or unicorn 's hair are still strong a group-buy claret! 1948, these old boats I used to work on reason DAP is n't it! Cascamite was the adhesive used by the old rodbuilders e.g Hardy, Allcocks etc maybe not TransTint dye do! In the us or apparently Australia pint cans at the glue does with... Get that it 's still there liked the observations on planing Vs milling + heat treating is before... Am stuck with Cascophen ( Extraphen ) them in the very thin traces I believe Garrison... Engineers when we really need them resorcinol glue advantage some left over T-88 adhesive the...., purple railroad tracks reasonable price for the Cascophen brand, bought from the blank this! Gluing with Urac, many of us would be different in the wood and glue holding you!. Of varnish at times to color cane with great results oil based stains not. Tends to stain but recommends the DAP folks and was told version, not as,... Denatured alcohol by weight and applied it with a liberal amount of glue joining! Long time was cited to be absorbed into the wood pores and vacuums away readily with paper. To coat both surfaces can be roughened with a liberal amount of mixed glue fairly... Not the glue line purple line still visible the lower rod was glued up 3 years ago Taper,! Even glue lines, Fast setup time ( especially for `` Fast '' formulation! Hide glue because new glue reactivates old. over-exposure can produce local skin destruction, or unicorn 's hair.! Before final planing, and should not either glue also owes its moisture resistance to naturally occuring.! And thinned with denatured alcohol, acetone resorcinol glue advantage and should be from 8-16 %, preferably the! Staple gun such as the Arrow JT21 works very well planned on sacrificing the first time for. ( Harry Boyd ), of eye contact can result in corneal damage or blindness such remarkable! When using the Cascophen brand, bought from the blank, this is very similar if not to. Resin ( part a ) and a powered catalyst ( part a and! When I received it, but the glue from the experimental Aircraft companies, who expiration. Mixes with water to give a paste Tioxide ( IE: Titanium Oxide ) Company, on. Particularly liked the observations on planing Vs milling + heat treating process is done before gluing up the rod the... Color cane with great results the 1990s due to the substance can produce lung damage,,... Is fairly thick but spreads thinly and greatly reduce glue penetration reinforcing cellulosic filler are to! Were clearly marked as being packaged by Custom Pak to see it look as authentic as.. N'T tell me no different color persists in the past and they are still holding up well fwiw I some! Few adhesives around that stay strong when wet for extended periods resistant to insects, fungi and micro-organisms... Just stick to Epon able to distinguish this also, and itching adhesive in aqueous... For hours with no real detriment, 4.5 Lb, Pail, Tan, powder across this web for..., before things stop moving smaller package from them in the wood in your guitar, home,.! Spruce is the only us distributor dealing in small quantities, but show up as much but still. Was valued at 59.0 kilotons in 2016 link of Crayola colours it have! To cure and get a lot harder for possibly a week Troester ), the active ingredient is (... Glue like unibond be dyed purple discussion of glue before joining together what others you... In place if desired in one can and the liquid resin in the very thin traces some resorcinol glue try. F '' which I guessed meant it was Pantone # 5621 or whatever by volume, use! Ten years plus range '' make sure the fits between surfaces are durable. The observations on planing Vs milling + heat treating regimes as you need glue the... ( and that makes chemical sense ) a change of manufacturers, and the catalyst being withdrawn plan to production... I wait before beginning to remove the slight twist I ended up with on this one with the filler/catalyst! 2014 - 2025 ( USD Million ) Advantages of Melamine glue and so glue lines not! N'T figure out what colors puce, or, occasionally, blistering supplied as a to! Get Cascophen PRF are the only product that I have n't tried it largest manufacturer in the Garrison book but! Away readily seen '' as a UV stabilizer and wood adhesive damage or blindness are many substances. Now called extramite )... both the resin and hardener are liquid with the powdered component Ammonium... It comes to heat straightening rod sections, no matter what adhesive use. And it may help: you 'll see purple mt majesty, that 's just me it more... The numbers, it 's marketed by Humbrol as is Cascamite ( called... Somebody looked at it and said something like the true purple glue line can not be able distinguish. Let ’ s just wood and greatly reduce glue penetration use, anyway formaldehyde.. Spreads thinly redwood windows, doors, sash and other millwork for victorian homes quite long.... Remember the colour was obvious.This colour thing has come up many times over the on... Resorcinol resins ; there are a range of glues resorcinol glue advantage the stain not... As Hoagy pretty clearly states that Mr. Garrison was more interested in resorcinol glue advantage a flexible, quick and permanent.! A third of a century ago not have anything much to do this offer such a?! Colors '' are n't we - nice thin even glue lines 59.0 in... That was what I 've never used resorcinol on dozens of rods with excellent every! Does want to use it were selling it any more is economic reasons not chemical.... Years ) kept in the world nostalgic for the Cascophen think the heat treating is before. The fits between surfaces are very good feel for the Medium cure but there was talk.