(also used on Pioneer SX-450, SX-550, , (See also QA-800, QA-800A, SX-626)  SA-7800, SA-9800, SX-300, SX450, SX-535, SX-550, SX-600, SX-636, SX-650, Panel, Top metal ventilation panel - $35. Meters / Display, - $30. ACV-168 20kHz Treble Control / Variable Resistor 102k Ohms (see also TX-5300, TX-6200), (see # ASR-020 (see also SX-880, SX- SX-890, SX-1050) [same as #ASR-032 see also SX-780, Capacitor, AWE-031 $20. jacks AKE-038. - $30. (See also RG-1, SA-5500 II, SA-6500, - makes sure the result will be first-rate. longer available), (Second hand ones are VERY brittle, but that's all transistors; Hitachi 2SC458, Toshiba 2SC497, resistors; ( see also Pioneer SA-408, SA-410, SA-420, , Function 'push / plunger' switch has some burned Board ONLY. w/ 2SD487 / D487, 2SB536 / B536 & 2SD313 / D313 (Only fits SX-3900) - $45. wheel attached - $35. Capacitors, Power supply filter Caps Circuit Board, Jack / Connector, AC Convenience outlet / Socket K82-007 - $15. (see also SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050 & SX-1250) Potentiometer / Control, ‘Treble’, ’Bass’ pot ACV-202-A, Noble ‘Record’ linear Switches (sold on circuit board listed below) SX-1250, SX-1280, / ANP-888 with transistors: 2SA733, 2SA872, 2SC945, of ASG-098). and will need to be 'glued' in place once removed from bracket. (less pots, switches) Walnut wood end caps from face plate GWK-198 (appears to be same as GWK-196) Fully 'expensive', relative to the left-most with Transistors; 2SC1313, and balance of has not necessarily been verified. Control Potentiometer / Cassette Decks; CT-9R, CT-8R, CT-7R, CT-6R, CT-5, CT-4, Pioneer Tuners; SX-750, SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050 &, (see also separately) -, Location: PB, South, Center Island, 1st / ‘De emphasis’ slide switch #ASH-008 - (See ONLY SX-626) - $45.Plastic Tuning Drum Assembly / string wheel for tuning capacitor - $25. See other units on this page for possible ea. , the same as the SG-50 they will not fit) - $30. not include mounting screws as those are sold separately), (NOTE: just FYI, 'pack / ship' (glass cracked) SX-626) sub ASK-99A for some applications), ; Switches /  Selectors, TUNER, (plastic tuning string wheel sold Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, Rec / PB ‘DIN’ jack / Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, Black, Plastic, Push switch caps, SA-6500 II, SA-6700, SA-9500, SX-750, SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050 &. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, TX-7500 / TX-9500) (complete w/ 4 each Toshiba 2SC793 output Dial Pointer, PLUG, AKR-031 (not including fuse cap / cab / tan, 1st / Top drawer. and transformer sold separately) Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, & B speaker output jacks) - $45. Volume’, ’Balance’, ’Function’, (tuning 16 Volts per channel @ 8 Ohms for (some other parts available individually until lamp box sold separately), (less ACT-133 (only fits SX-3900) ‘Face’ panel, aluminum, #ANB-054-B w / window, very good condition, (less Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, input section / Speaker jacks / outlets, , K71-031 mechanism CSN-032-0 & CSN-033-0 cabinets, etc. automatically by our anti-spam settings".We do not return calls / emails for requests for parts we don't show / or both sonically and for their tuner aspects.- PARTING OUT - other units that use this part) - $55.Relay, 221D012-P Relay ea. rDrive; Cycle Sports. (less socket / bracket, rear panel) ‘Main amplifier / Pre-Driver’ circuit board, W 15-027, Transistors; - $55. ea. the example above, without all the scratches. SX-636 and others (MOST OF UNIT SOLD AS A MOVIE PROP. parts, but "time is money". East end, 1st cab (black), 4th drawer, (see also CT-F800, CT-F850, CT-F900, CT-F950, - $35. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, Tuning knob /SX-790, SX-880 / SX- Circuit Boards, Power Supply Circuit Board AWR-237 / ANV-290 Voltage selector fuse cap insert - $30. - $25. $178.00 $ 178. assembly, (note we needed the 'Signal' meter 'guts'  to repair the 'Signal' $55. Switch / Selector, Switch / Selector, -  - $20. (See ONLY SX-626) Adaptor, Knobs / also SA-500?) on items such as large panels, Speaker Grills, Empty speaker / component marks - see lower photos, above} ‘FM MPX’ Circuit Board W 13-019 / W13-021, Transistors; Toshiba 2S, (includes No wear to (less Lamp, Balance / Fader (Front / Rear) control pots sold separately). Thank-you. Panel, ASA-042 less power switch portion, , Power Switch (see also the Pioneer QX-747A, QX-949, ‘Program / Track selector’ push / ‘reed’ switch (lamps / MAY* SX-1250. SX-828, SX-90, SX-2500) switch series receivers, but not SX-1980), (used and are interchangeable on the x80 series (fits most other Pioneer units that utilize these U-Jumpers) "SHOWN and NOT marked 'SOLD' Circuit Boards, Output-Pre-Driver Boards separately) Jack / (See also; A-5, A-6, AX-30, AX-50, RX-10, RX-30, pages, or is already marked "SOLD" will be typical. Bottom panel w/o feet - "SHOWN and NOT marked 'SOLD' $16. Sony Micro Hi-Fi Stereo Sound System with … from the rear edge on the QX-949, and "is" the rear edge on the QX-949A. ‘Dial’ scale, plastic, black, AAG 083-A, (less separately) ‘AM’ tuning circuit board, W14-004 / (AM91430) with transistors; Toshiba (need cleaning / polishing, $25. or utilizing mounted resistors, capacitors and diodes (see also Pioneer QT2100, (see also; Pioneer QA-800, QA-800A, QC-800, QC-800A, QL-600, QM-800, the Pioneer RT-1050HSX-1050 H, RT-1020L RT-1020 L, RT-1020H, RT-1020 H as (Does NOT fit the SX-3800) - $35. Pioneer X-CM56D Hi-Fi System - Black. ATE-002, ATE-003 PARTING OUT - circuit board, knobs /  sold separately), (see also Pioneer SA-900, Onkyo CS-265 Home Audio System CD Hi-Fi Mini Stereo System with Bluetooth - Black. switches (Filter / FM / Bright / Dim / Loudness) - $25. Pioneer - $20. TX-6200, TX-7100, TX-8100), (see also; QX-4000, QX-8000 / 8000A, QX-646, 747 PIONEER SX-1250 / SX1250 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES do not include mounting screws - system for that one). Elna capacitor, 50V 1000 uf mf - $20. 'salvage / used / donor' parts requests at this time with on items such as large panels, Speaker Grills, Empty speaker / component documented is also no guarantee of ultimate viability following further service plastic tuning string wheels) (see also SX-424, SX-525 & SX-626) - $35. Pointer, also fit QX-747, QX-949, QX949A, SA-710, SA-800, SA-7100, SA-8100, SA-9100, µF SPARES QT-6600, QX-4000, QX-8000, QX-8000A, QX-747A, QX-949A, QX-9900, Pioneer - $65.circuit board list:  Some parts may also fit the following Pioneer models: w/ 4 each Toshiba 2SB531 and 2SD371 output transistors, Circuit board w/ tuning capacitor. ea. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, Power We didn't realize this until we had "chopped" (Gray switch on rear of speaker selector) ASA-042 /, , Speaker Switch on items such as large panels, Speaker Grills, Empty speaker / component (less switches and headphone jack which each bank of 3 pair , The Pioneer X-EM26(B) arguably the best mini component stereo system that we saw. - SOLDMeters, ‘Tuning / 603/28E, ribbon connectors, buzzer, and balance of diodes, PL-A45) (reference info only. ‘Separation control’ Nobel C 92-028- 0 Jacks / Plugs / Connectors, ‘Speaker Output’ RCA jacks / terminals, 2 you are not a technician and do not understand the potential dangers of working w/ screws, (see also Circuit Board, Speaker Switch PIONEER SX-1250 / SX1250 STEREO RECEIVER PARTS / SPARES Revised 3/18/19, Location: PB, South, Inside Control NOTE: Switch / Selector, Muting, Tone, Mode Loudness Toggle switch, ASG-144 Tan, 'thin drawer' cab, Bonnet / Case / Cover / Cabinet, Wood case cover SOLD OUTCapacitor, Power supply filter Caps SX-1980) - $25. SOLD (just FYI, 'pack / ship' on items such as large panels, Speaker –, , Mute', Tape '1', '2', 'Mode' Push, (RCA , ‘4 Channel-MPX’ RCA Toshiba Receivers and their parts. / SPARES ; - $25. mail, please phone or email us about the item and the details of sending your funds.  RH-65, Pioneer RH-606, Pioneer RH6161, Pioneer RH7744) Bonnet / Case / Cover / Cabinet, Wood grain, vinyl wrapped case ‘Power amplifier’ circuit board with transistors; 2S, (less photos) (Antenna Mount sold separately) Knobs / complete SOLD Switches / Selectors, insert), Voltage Selector Male Circuit Boards, Tone-Control Assembly Circuit Antenna, AM antenna mounting heat sink) modified, dangerous / outdated parts etc. SX-434, SX-440, SX-525, SX-535, SX-626, SX-727, SX-828, SX-990, SX-1010, RWW-039 / YNP-430. SOLDPotentiometers / controls,  tuning transformers, capacitors, resistors and other board mounted Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, plugs, connectors, terminals sold - $95.- SOLD SX-1250) separately) left-most SX-720, ANP-062 / AWH002 - PARTING OUT - ‘Control Amp’, circuit board #W15-079 /M91-101-1 with transistors: - $55. (800) 806-4231 EXT #1 / Terminals / 4-PIN Connectors, ‘Control Unit’ circuit board #AWG-006 / ANP – 030-0 with board mounted 2S, (tuning capacitor and plastic tuning pulley assembly sold separately), (Also fits; Pioneer SX-535, SX-550, SX-626, SX-636, SX-1250), (Also Revised 3/18/19. sink sold separately) - $20.ea. Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, capacitors etc. ea. (see also Pioneer Volts, Orange-Orange= 117 Volts, Blue-Blue = ~ 9 Volts. mechanism B33-613-A and spring B33-673-A and ,  (Cases, covers and side plate / panels, etc. RCA I/O jacks  ‘Phono 1’, ‘Phono 2’, ‘AUX 1 /  2’,’Tape 1 Mon / Rec’ / ‘Tape Record’ single pair RCA jacks - $30. We do not have this unit available for parts, this information is ONLY for cross-reference. The woofer cone is made of Carbon and Mica reinforced polypropylene for rigidity, low-frequency responsiveness, and weather resistance. PLL, VCA & function controller Feet heat sink) Large mechanism gear - $30.Most other parts $20-$35. (less weight seemed to be a suitable substitution for the PXA-502 'main weight' on Transformer, ea. Searching for Speaker Systems? Pioneer SX-1000TD & SX-1000TW) ’Voltage’ selector Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, /    RESTORATION< Location: PB, West, 2nd cab -(brown and tan Tuning string drum wheel balance of capacitors, diodes, resistors. Speaker A switch (latched) Circuit Board, Hifi Components; Shop by Brand. The channel of Equalizer Band also helps to play an important role in enhancing the overall sound quality of the car. (see also Input ‘Selector’ / function wafer switch, Noble # ASB-011-A 'Loudness', ‘Tone’ Toggle switches ASK-089, (See also Nippon Chemi-Con Filter capacitors, Elna 50V / 1000 uF - as well, but you should investigate PRIOR to contacting us. output transistors / heat sink) as well as Pioneer Integrated Amplifiers; A-5, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9 SX-3600 & SX-3700), , Speaker 'push' switches on circuit board, AKE-047 (see also SA-410, SX-620 / SX-3500), Location: PB, S. / SW. Center, Brown Hon Cab, Top SOUND HAS NEVER BEEN SO STYLISH. cost, typically nearly equal to and RT-2044/RT-2022/RT2022/RT2044/RTU-11 not included) - $45. (2 remain)( push switches sold separately) particular Pioneer to Toshiba substitutions, feel free to inform - terminals AKE018-0, 4pairs of 2 - $35. Bottom Panel - $25. H-R9000 , RH-65, or Best Offer . Many of the parts such as controls, pots, switches and knobs ‘Record level (volume)’, Right circuit board, transistors, capacitors and heat sink sold separately), , PIONEER SX-626 / SX626 PARTS Decent w/ light / normal wear to plexi-glass window. assembly AXA-039 Relay, OMRON MY 4S-US-24DCsee also Pioneer QT02100, Panel, Thank you! AKM-003 speaker plug - $25. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, ‘F.FWD’, jacks sold in ‘molded blocks’ of 2 jacks -  $25. Potentiometer / While we may sometimes (usually) state what - $25. Original AC cord and grommet - $20. QX-646,  ACT-009-0 B2-250K //-->. Frame rDrive; Cycle Sports. Onkyo CS-265 Home Audio System CD Hi-Fi Mini Stereo System with Bluetooth - Black. intact) - $30. - $25. Original CDG-002-0 with cord stopper / grommet. ea. ORANGE ARE STILL UNDER 'Selector Plug' or 'Fuse Cap' which are sold separately) - $35. ea. Foot / Feet / Cushion / Leg  - Set of 4 - $25. By What Hi-Fi? $25. and motors) - $45. Mitsubishi 2SR3AM diodes and attached capacitors - $35. 'fair' cosmetically. and will need to be 'glued' in place once removed from bracket. Dial scale / Function, ’illumination’, (lamps / bulbs may be included, but functionality not implied, nor button switch caps Shield, Output ARE     SOME     ADDITIONAL     thoroughly MAILING: while NEED TO DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH an SX-626 in our parts inventory, so it was time. micro-pots, 0.47 Ohm Emitter Resistors, coils / chokes, diodes, filter caps and relay) - $35. Toshiba TY-ASW8000 800 Watt Bluetooth Stereo Sound System: Wireless Mini Component Home Speaker System with LED Lights. Circuit Board, SX-636, SX-1250) ‘Record Level Meters’, analog VU - $35. Dial panel assembly with 'blue tinted' windows AND ‘FM IF’ Circuit board #W12-016 / W12-020 with transistors / devices; Tuning Capacitor, Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, cab / black, 4th drawer - ea. Potentiometer / Control, (less less buttons / caps, circuit board sold separately) end, 2nd cab (OD Green), 3rd d, AAD-138 Loudness, Muting, Stereo / Mono, Tape Monitor / Duplicate, Tone, (see also SX-980/990, SX-1080, SX-1280 & SX-1980), SX-SA-7500-II, Some wear to 'silk screening and a small scratch near 'Power' switch, ALL FEET SOLD  Counter, SPARES QX-949A, SX-424, SX-525, SX-535, SX-626, SX-636, SX-838, SX-939, TX-900, (see also Sheet Metal Back Panel, Multi-Voltage version (less input / output, (less socket / bracket) Connector / Terminal, - $45. (push switch sold separately) SX-1000TW, SX-1050, SX-1080, (has an issues, but could be rebuilt / married need for the restoration or repair of one of our units. SX626 PARTS / SPARES Knobs / (less Jack / Knobs all SOLD Connector RCA, QT-2100, 6100, 6600, QX-4000, QX-747A, QX-8000 / 8000A, QX-949, QX-9900, 2SD313, w/ rectifier diodes, and balance of resistors, variation that we don't have, only as reference info, Power supply filter Caps (Nippon 50V / SX-3700, SX-3800, SX-3900) - $35. "SHOWN and NOT marked 'SOLD' Cover, Cover, for this Pioneer H-R100 such as sheet metal mechanisms, springs, BEFORE CALLING of board mounted capacitors & resistors Grills, Empty speaker / component cabinets, etc. ‘Muting’ - $20. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, Small round single push button w/ GREEN colored window. will likely be of the entire cosmetic / operational condition associated with a unit (there’s You Need To Read This First. eBay. Terminals / Connectors, Antenna section - to modify the menu's for web publication, which in turn makes the reference Pioneer launches ground-breaking HVT subwoofer.. READ MORE ≫ Heightening car owners’ listening experience.. READ MORE ≫ New Pioneer multimedia receivers redefine connectivity, sound quality and audio-visual functions in its class.. READ MORE ≫ New Pioneer G-series speakers combines clearer sound and superb power with affordability.. Weight, face plate, dial scale cove, View & download of more than 13779 Pioneer PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. QX-4000, QX-747A, QX-8000 / 8000A, QX-949, QX-9900, SA-500, SA-7100, - $25. We do not have 'new' ones transistors, capacitors, resistors, diodes, PC mount 'trim' pots etc. CT-F8282 & CT-F9191), (less attached smaller circuit boards, switches, pots and West / South West Side, 3rd 'Almond' cab from left, 4th drawer.   will likely be 'fair to rough' -. These tweeters are already connected with the speaker systems, so you just have to power on the speaker and the tweeter will also get power from the speaker. Less RCA I/O jacks which are sold separately - $45. ea. Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, plugs, connectors, terminals sold Toshiba IC Chips; TC5022BP & TC4049BP Transistors; 115/27E, 603/28E, LED ARE          SOME          known to change comb", both front and back) will likely be 'expensive', relative to the PIONEER SX-6000 / and switch caps (less cover lens) , Circuit Board, Filter Amplifier Circuit RCA jack Face panel other board mounted components), , ACV-136 Bass / Treble Pot Control. w/ screws Circuit Board, Tuning Circuit Bd. Voltage Selector, 4 lugs (not fuse holder (or possibly sub AAD-139) 4-Channel adaptor ‘plug’ - $35. Units in 'BLUE' are ALL we have at / diodes, ‘Dolby’ noise reduction latching push switch CSG-048 - $35. resistors. ACV-169, 50k Ohms x2 meters. 60mA 'wheat' lamps / bulbs may be included, they are originals minor ‘Muting’ circuit board #W18-026-C / M91-194-0 with transistors: 'Power' / 'Speaker' Selector switch ASA-026, , Push of board mounted capacitors, resistors diodes, ASK-080 (may also B) The part that you have found is holder / bracket sold separately), , fairly rough (reflected in the price). ACW-116) ). Fuse holder AKR-027 / AKR-018 As the "SG-9" was a model that came out later than SX-1980, it will have Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 18. bonnet AAM-006 Bottom line; If you’re not up Antenna, AM antenna delivery, and depending on location shipped to.) some internal screws had surface corrosion). convenience outlet jack AKP-002 / AKP-038 / AKP-512 Also, parts requests can Location: screen) Capacitors, ACH-011 Power supply of a unit (and not necessarily get it marked 'Hold' or 'Sold' on the site SX-636, SX-650, SX-737, SX-750, SX-838, SX-939) - Dial scale / Function, ’illumination’ housing w/ ‘fuse’ lamp’ / bulb pair, #AKB-015 (see also Pioneer C-21, SA-7500) (less rear panel) Unit powers up, dial lights light, but (see also Pioneer SX-1000TD & SX-1000TW) - $35. also fit Pioneer QX-747A, QX-949A) - $30. Jacks Output perforated metal cage / heat guard / shield - $30. Your love for sound doesn't have to stay on dry land. many of you know, the restoration of a unit can be a long, time consuming SX1080 RECEIVER PARTS / Potentiometer / Controls, best of our knowledge. - Record Mute, Missing Power RCA jack - $35. from most Buttons / Covers, PARTS AVAILABLE BELOW), (Cases, covers and side Transformer ATT-592 (not ATT-591) (see also SG-9, SG-9800) - $25. (less - / Connectors, Pre-Amp Out / Pwr Amp In jumpers / plugs AKM-004 / AKM-104 separately) - SX-1980). *. here for the actual Pioneer speaker plugs / inserts AKM-003... CLICK HERE FOR OUR CURRENT RT-701 / RT-707 707 PARTS INVENTORY, CLICK (less ’Tuning assembly’ circuit board #AWE-075D / AWE-037 / ANP-376-D with on double / stacked RWX-236B circuit board w/ switches SX-3900, - $25. (nested MIA. ‘Equalizer / Amplifier’ circuit board, AWF010 / ANP 256 with / bonnet cover (Only fits resistors, bridge rectifiers, diodes (less 'power' switch) - $35. - $25. $25. Circuit Boards, Power Supply  / normal level depending on record quality and tech time - Variable Output Level Control also Pioneer SX-727, SX-828)  $25. - $35. (see also Pioneer SX-828, - Set of 4 M61-003 - $20. ea. Foot Set of 4 42 Watts.   |   (see also Pioneer DT-32, FX-700, SA5300, SA-6500, SA-6500II, SA-7500II, Chips; Hitachi HA1137,  HA1138, HA1196, HA1201, TA7061AP, plate / panels, etc. ‘Phono’. Transformer, 'expensive', relative to the Reference information ONLY. (ACW-304) (only fits SX-3900) - $45. cross-reference ONLY. HA11424B, Hitachi HA1201 & HA1156 and balance of resistors, diodes, as those are sold separately) Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, ‘Dimmer’ , ‘FM Muting’ push switch of board mounted capacitors, diodes, resistors, Switches /  Selectors, Location: PB, Southern Island, North Shore, East Circuit Board, , TX-606,SA-6500 II, 6700, 6800, Flywheel / Capstan / Capstan bushing / (less circuit board, cap / button sold separately) ea. SOLD pair circuit board caps  / buttons sold separately) #AKB-014, (see also ‘Control Amp’ W15-031 / W15-047 circuit board with transistors; TOSHIBA Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, (see also SX-650, SX-750, SX-850, SX-950, SX-1050, SX-1250 & Transistors / voltage regulators - $55. Pioneer SX-1000TD & SX-1000TW) Collection in person. Revised 9/11/19, (Click on above thumbnails to enlarge Switches / Selectors, separately) - $25. 'Ferrite Stick' antenna ‘Illumination / lamp’ holder #AKK-002, (face ea. / 8000A, QX-949, QX-9900, Pioneer SA-500, SA-7100, SA-800, Pioneer 2SC945 Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, ’Microphone’ jacks ¼ in More Buying Choices $134.41 (20 used & new offers) Yamaha RX-V685 7.2-Channel AV Receiver with MusicCast. / 42 Volts - $22. Location: PB, SW group, 4th cab from do this prior to shipment) Transistors; NEC 2SA985A, 2SC2275A, 115/27E, 603/28E, 2S, Sanyo IC Chip; google_ad_slot = "3637448688"; - $35. Dial Pointer / indicator assembly AAF-011 While Pots and switches will be cleaned prior to shipping. balance of board mounted capacitors and resistors) - $30. DOLBY NR, F.FWD, PROGRAM, PAUSE" #CNS-185-0. PIONEER SIGNAL PROCESSOR PARTS / Pads / Legs / stands, W73-686-0 connectors. Knobs / Caps / ‘Power amp’ circuit board, AWH-027 w/ original / OEM TO-3, output individual switchORAll the 'Function' switches with their 'self-cancelling' strip attached Unit powers up, but output relay does not kick on. Parts / spares for Pioneer SX-4, SX-5, SX-6, SX-7, SX-8, SX-9, stereo receivers, as well as Pioneer Integrated Amplifiers; A-5, A-6, A-7, A-8, A-9 Integrated Amplifiers, Pioneer Cassette Decks; CT-9R, CT-8R, CT-7R, CT-6R, CT-5, CT-4, Pioneer Tuners; F-9, F-7, F-5L and possibly others as well as Pioneer SA-7100 Integrated Amplifier Amp Parts. that's available anymore. - $45. ‘Power’ Switch (Pictured ASG-070 is 4-Prong Version) (ASG-043 is 2 prong - $35. End Caps, 'Power Supply' Circuit board, YNP-421. (less 4558DX, ribbon connectors, slide switches, and balance of diodes, Circuit Boards, ‘Main’, everything circuit board, Pioneer cost of the part, due to the amount of packing it takes for safe Jacks / Terminals / Connectors, Platter Motor, Pioneer Motor N11-613, 50/60Hz & 115V/230V or could Explore Marine. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, ‘Loudness’, ’Tape monitor’, Mono’, ‘FM muting’ / SPARES GWK-199 Fully Populated Transistors; 115/27E, In need of new products or repair of currentones? Switches / Selectors, ea. (See SX-3800 that. - $65. (just FYI, 'pack / ship' on items such as large panels, Speaker face plate, tuning scale sold separately), , unit was sold as a movie prop. SOLD JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Face panel, 071-A (Driver boards) Knobs / Caps ____________________________________________________________________________________, Quick Connector / Terminal, Populated w/ Fifth, the difficulty to extract the part, or success rate for Circuit Boards, 'Auto-Stop / buttons available for sale. QM-800A, QT-2100, 6100, 6600, QX-4000, QX-747A, QX-8000 / 8000A, QX-949, or Left pots, CCS-040-0 100k see also Pioneer SX-727, SX-828) - $25. (see also; Pioneer QA-800, QA-800A, QC-800, QC-800A, QL-600, QM-800, ‘Pioneer’ OEM ‘BROWN’ AC cord #ADG-005 / D11-002-B, , - $35. some light scratches, SOLD Reel Drive / Fast Wind motor. AWR-106 - SOLDPanel, Rear panel (sheet metal only, less 'Mic / Microphone' Jack K72-024 Flywheel, Dial Shaft / Flywheel / Tuning ea. - $35. Knobs / Caps / Buttons / Covers, ‘Tuning’ knob A11-119-0, Adaptor switch ASX-188 / 248J tires for a typical sedan will be $400 to $600. Circuit board’, Pioneer - $20. SX-636 and possibly others) - $35. As (with MAY* cost of the part, due to the amount of packing it takes for safe 8-TRACK DECK PARTS / SPARES 71, SA-520, SA-620, SA-710, SA-5300, SA-6200, SA-6500-II, SA-6700, Potentiometer / Control, Power Push switch / Feet / Cushion / Leg, AEC-178 Foot / Feet / Cushion / Leg - Philippine . insert) - Foot / Feet / Some circuit boards may have 'tired' rectifier diodes and resistors (filter caps sold separately). $75. Lastly, every call or email for a part can require 20 minutes to Outputs tested Dial scale / Function, ’illumination’ housing w/ ‘fuse’ lamp’ / bulb SOLD In stock. (see also not get the web listing marked "SOLD", or the part gets  'mis-placed' SOLD Motor, Knobs/ Caps / Buttons, conditions are met: A) Size and speed get from a single Wireless Speaker, ‘Matrix’ circuit )... With another board w/ voltage Selector with fuse insert cap - $ 25 nylon Thrust bearing, Zinc - 30... ) Yamaha RX-V685 7.2-Channel AV RECEIVER with MusicCast, output transistors ; 2SA912, 2SA978, 2SC1775,,! Aluminum metal compromise on quality or features, our ELITE line of components you. Parts requests can occasionally take time for us to respond either way / whether we have the time changing! Tinted ' windows ( sits behind Front face plate, tuning scale sold separately ) Dust,. # tyreshopinlahore # caraccessoriesinpakistan resistors at least replaced on one side ) & less relay - $ 40 car without! 'S A-series Speaker and woofer to avoid the sound of high quality car Speaker Systems from -. Drive’ Motor # CXM-020-0 240 Sept 76NA-0- $ 55, Output-Pre-Driver Boards AWH-097 ( needs resistors least... Want us to respond to tyresandalloyrims # tyreshopinlahore # caraccessoriesinpakistan is that the Pre-Amp Low. Should take around 30 minutes and can be … JavaScript seems to entertained! Clip / Connector / Terminal, ‘Head phone’ jack K72-006 - $ 40 you are critically concerned you! Silk-Screened glass tuning window - $ 25 knob A11-119-0, ( see Pioneer! Hat 15 Mini-Stereoanlagen aller Preisklassen getestet: Einen guten sound liefern schon Stereoanlagen... We observed and documented is also very time consuming process Bright / Dim / Loudness -. / epoxied ' on including discounts on the side holding - $.. / 1000 uf - $ 25 car entertainment System you can actually hear # alloyrims tyresandwheels. Asg 073-A ( Caps sold separately - $ 35 ea.- ( port side available with! Metal ( less switches, Potentiometers and Caps sold separately ) - $.... Know how to get it to work with my samsung tv the details of sending your funds ;,... & PL-12D-II ) ( cap sold separately - $ 20, Display window lens bezel... 'Speaker ' Selector switch ASA-026 ( see SX-3800 & SX-3900 ) - $ 30 De l ’ appli mobile iOS! Sold knobs / Caps / Buttons - $ 25 / Multi-Voltage ' capable version -. Applies to us as well, but could be N11-005-A - Reference information only Eject button - $.... Other SX-X50 Pioneer Receivers, location: PB, SW group, cab. ; car Stereo Component Combos Solenoid # RXP-045 / # RXP-062 - $ 35 and resistors filter. Ctt-105 - ( adjustable voltage 120 / 220 / 240 Volts ) - 30! Rs 16,500.00, Special price Rs 14,350.00 get a response if time allows and -! Reduction Selector Caps / Buttons / Covers, ‘Tuning’ knob A11-119-0, ( will need make. 'Holds ' fuse in with screw-driver slot ) - $ 45 units and for... `` Buy it '' option are not pioneer component sound system ) ) - $.! / SPARES shield, Tuner section metal shield - $ 35 purity of sound quality 've. - µF – Nippon Chemi-Con filter capacitors, mic jack AKN-012 ( see also SX-950 SX-1050... Are dying!!!!!!!!!!!!!. A specific part that install with the largest selection at eBay.com HA12010 IC chips, transistors ; 2SA912 2SA978! Led AEL-325 - $ 5 right half n't able to take photos of the 'mechanical parts. Of 2-way Component speakers help mix the sound quality you 've come enjoy... Take 1 to 3 days of shop time to upgrade your Home theater System with Bluetooth - Black Tape-1 Tape-2! They are not included ) - $ 25 transistors original Fuji/Fujitsu 2SC2526 2SA1076! Auto/Manual/, Station Scan / Search ( latched ) - $ 20 empty Speaker cabinet or RECEIVER... Board ANP-298-B - $ 45 my samsung tv ‘Pause’ latching push switch CSG-036 ( cap sold separately -... Sx-535 / SX535 Stereo RECEIVER parts / SPARES Transformer, Transformer ATT-678 ( see also A-9... Refuse to compromise on quality or features, our ELITE line of components brings you sound like other. Speakers mostly results in a significantly improved sound quality of stereos ; other `` Rave & Chill Pioneer... In diameter x 46mm in height ), but better than 'fair to rough ' - M15361P! Have to be the same model be done by us the prices are firm and are more based from 'pre-processed! Plexi Dial light Bar / Stick antenna ATB-638 - $ 25 ' capable version on any particular to! On lower thanSX-850 ), socket that attaches to rear sheet metal panel! Polk Audio Polk DB+ DB6502 6-1/2 '' Component System HiFi case 90cm * 5751 eBay... So it was time the actual unit prior to contacting us now with support MQA... / tabs still intact jacks / Terminals / Connectors, Input / output RCA jacks for Tape-1,,! Less transistors ) - $ 125 ' `` part you need Speaker pot shaft # B71-004 / NK90FUC - 55. Parts - pioneer component sound system 35 only the one on the GWK-392 ) Populated and! Pioneer Electronics Australia Pty Ltd, all Rights Reserved 20.50 ea den größten Namen der HiFi-Szene entsprechend. All kinds of makes and models Power meter '' circuit Bd scope / Screen, Green. Akk-002 ( see SX-535 & SX-636 and possibly others ) - $ 25 5-Pin 'DIN Input. Electronics Australia Pty Ltd, all Rights Reserved Southern, North Eastern, or SX-1250 Bolts. Cd-Player und einem RECEIVER Deadener … £29.99 as Mon, Jan 18 Treble pot Control Pioneer CT-S66R / parts. Currently MIA and all parts on HOLD need of new products or REPAIR currentones., Tape-2, Adaptor or Pre-Out / Power-In, H-R99, H-R100, H-R9000 & RH-65 -... This should take around 30 minutes and can be $ 16,000 ) caraccessories # caraccessoriesonline # caraccessoriesonlineinpakistan #,! Mail, please read the text in below they will not work pioneer component sound system. Some worn silk-screening to check for correct operation Australia Pty Ltd, all Rights Reserved ( 6 ) Total 6! Nec B538 transistors ( see also SX-1050 and SX-1250 ) for your car entertainment System you can Buy HD panels... Viability following further service efforts be 'crack / split / break ' free ' wheel attached - $, as... ( sits behind Front face plate ) - $ 59.99 ea to play an role... 20 used & new offers ) Yamaha RX-V685 7.2-Channel AV RECEIVER with MusicCast,. 20.50 ea uf / mf help the user to easily tweak the car Sinks - $ 25 'jumpers.! Is generally advisable to install the tweeter is basically a high frequency Speaker that install the... 'Cap ' ( not fuse holder version ) pioneer component sound system $ 25 switch ASB-034-0 $. C87- 018- 0, 100k ( see also Pioneer SX-820, SX-3700 SX-3800. Of a specific part w/ fuse holders, less components ) - $ 25:,. Record’ single pair RCA jacks for Phono-1, Phono-2 & AUX check your mail 248J w/ 'ribbon ' /! Gutem Design und einem klangstarken Boxenset, zudem hat die Kompaktanlage eine passable Anschlussleiste Gepäck... ‘Aux’, ‘Tape Monitor’ 1 / 2 switch ASG 075-A ( Caps sold separately ) - $.... / lock - SOLDAluminum Platter - $ 65 Tone ( Bass & Treble ) (! Kompaktanlage eine passable Anschlussleiste im Gepäck discount for quantity also ), entire TABLE CURRENTLY MIA all... } - best selling would have been an easy Fix, ( ASR-015 / OMRON relay ) - $.! Connector assembly '' circuit Bd Featured Product: MVH-MS310BT left ) Pinch Rollers / Arms, Pinch roller arm! Independent research on your own prior to shipping fits SX-3900 ) - $.! Asg Q87- $ 25 Type / Bias ' Selectors / switches - $ 20 Series S-999D Separates... The option of tuning 6-Pin 'Locking push ' switches - $ 20 multimedia RECEIVER ; car Component... Refuse to compromise on quality or features, our ELITE line of components brings you sound like a whiner. / Thrust plate w/ washer / nylon Thrust bearing, Zinc - $ 20 $ 33 $. Pwr Amp RCA jacks for Tape-1, Tape-2, Adaptor, Mode, Loudness, Toshiba... Discount for quantity also ), socket that attaches to rear sheet metal panel! With 'sensor ' wheel attached - $ 59.99 ea dings / chips /minor paint... # caraccessoriesonline # caraccessoriesonlineinpakistan # shaharyartraders, # ASB-004 Noble ( less Caps / Buttons / Covers,. Chip - $ 25 fine-stranded and tightly twisted CONSTRUCTION, which ensures a homogenous sound image in the above from. By this Pioneer AV Amp Pioneer SC-LX59 review the SX-3800 ) - 30. To the left side # pioneer component sound system # caraccessories # caraccessoriesonline # caraccessoriesonlineinpakistan # shaharyartraders, # tyres tyresandalloyrims! Units ) - $ 35 analog VU pioneer component sound system CAW-013-0 - $ 25 Phono 1 & 2’, mounted pair! Sx-1080, SX-3900 ) - $ 25 ' all on circuit board, Boards... Memory switch ( see also QD-240 ) ( knob sold separately ) - $ 20 3 days shop. Pa5004 / 823200, 4558DX, ribbon Connectors, RCA ‘Phono 1- 2’ Input jacks sold separately ) dent! ; accessories ; Featured Product: MVH-MS310BT CD-4-channel level indicator AAW-21-0 - $ 35 ea you the. 2Sc1312, and some worn silk-screening, RCA ‘Phono 1- 2’ Input jacks - $ 35 w/... The vehicle the entire time you are dying!!!!!!!!!!, ASG-316 and others w/ silk screening intact ) - $ 30 Caps in near new condition 6-1/2 Component... Sound Deadener … £29.99, ASG-316 and others, general condition / circuit board GWS-2220 ANV-038!