Yes, you can travel from one big city to another under rupee 100. Find bus timetable and buy your bus ticket online, long-distance and international buses, travelling with bus is easy, cheap, fast and comfortable. NSTN is registered with Federal Board of Revenue for income and sale taxes also with Punjab Revenue Authority. Get driving directions. Going to Rawalpindi or Islamabad from Lahore bus is very convenient. 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Company. The bus has free wifi, ... Best Bus to Travel Lahore to Islamabad Apr 23, 2020; All Malls should be Closed in Lahore Mar 19, 2020; Shahi Hammam, Lahore Mar 06, 2020; Faisal Movers and Daewoo are by far the best way to travel throughout the country. Faisal Movers Bus Service Pakistan. There is a train from Lahore to Islamabad and the travel time (standard) is 5-6 hours. There are multiple bus services which provide services on 1,730Super Luxury: Rs. 2, Jhangi Syedian, RawalpindiPhone Number: 0331 1007008. 1 to Rs. The contact details are as follows: Islamabad: Motorway Chowk No. ( The main bus terminal for Faisal Movers is found on Band Road along with a handful of smaller bus companies). After a 5-hour ride of either being glued to your phone or staring out over the rather desolate Punjabi countryside, you will finally arrive at your destination. With barbed wired walls and gates pulled open by security guards, you’d almost think you are arriving at an embassy rather than the Islamabad Daewoo Bus Terminal. The metro Islamabad price depends on the type of ticket you purchase. Select an option below to see step-by-step directions and to compare ticket prices and travel times in Rome2rio's travel … Now people can travel in a luxurious bus from Lahore to Islamabad in only Rs. Read my Daewoo Bus guide here! 4:49 pm, […] Wondering how to take the bus in Pakistan? This means that you will be flying through the police check-points and not have to worry about stepping out of the vehicle to explain to officers what you are doing in Pakistan. The best and cheapest way to get from Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan and Islamabad is to travel by car/taxi, which will cost about 2,924 PKR or 24.30 USD. Best Bus to Travel Lahore to Islamabad 23 April 2020; All Malls should be Closed in Lahore 19 March 2020; Shahi Hammam, Lahore 06 March 2020; One day tour of Lahore 06 March 2020; Cheap guest house 06 March 2020; Metro Bus and other public transport in Lahore 06 March 2020; See All Lahore Conversations. The fare of bus companies is more or less the same except the Daewoo which is a bit expensive & the driving time is almost the same as well (4'30 hrs).. Report inappropriate content . The train travel is safe and there are some good train coaches as well which are comfortable and airconditioned. The ticket fares of Bilal Travels are as follows: Economy = Rs. Faisal Movers Islamabad to Lahore bus service is opted by thousands of passengers due to many reasons including its affordable ticket fares which are: Business Class = Rs. The fare from Lahore to Islamabad and vice versa start from Rs. services which passengers prefer while travel from Lahore to Islamabad. While there is not one that is better than the other, Daewoo is usually the safest and most direct way to get from city to city. However, you should use the M2 motorway. If you are deciding to travel from Lahore to Islamabad through Bus. Drive Fly Stay Login Signup. Find us on social networks. The Daewoo ticket is approximately $15 and the buses leave almost every 30 … You will feel like traveling in your own car. Lahore Airport to Islamabad Airport (LHE to ISB) flight duration and operating airlines. Best Bus to Travel Lahore to Islamabad - Lahore Forum. Be sure to check out traditional Punjabi wrestling: Kushti! We started by 10 from Lahore terminal. The most popular bus service is Daiwoo, but we took a newer service called Faisal Movers. 1,000. Very noisy inside. Orphaned Nation was created by Zachary Williams in order to share travel advice and opinions on visiting some of the world's most spectacular destinations as an independent backpacker. 6:16 pm, […] Want to know how to get from Lahore to Islamabad?

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