He states he had a family there and a brother who he hopes will help him defeat Acnologia. With Natsu now gone, Zeref's wounds heal and he prepares to go through with his plans to obtain Fairy Heart now that no one is capable of defeating him so he will not hesitate any longer. However, Igneel reminds Natsu of what he taught him and tells Natsu to stand which he does and promises to defeat Acnologia. Mavis begs him not to destroy the world they met in but he tells her that it will be one where her life wasn't ruined because of him just as finishes taking the magic from leaving her unconscious but is caught by Natsu. Originally sent from… Erza cries while telling them that their master died using fairy law before hugging them. Once Zeref turns it on at will, Madara and Hash are in the trash. Browse through and read or take zeref and natsu stories, quizzes, and other creations Sensing that his death at the hands of Natsu was near, Zeref felt it important to fill Natsu in on who he is. At the Fairy Tail Guild, Zeref remarks that Universe One is wearing off and Fiore would go back to its original state. Sting questions Larcade, as Lector and Yukino both inform Sting of Larcade's relation to Natsu and Zeref as the latter is confused about the stench being too similar until Larcade informs him that Natsu is also essentially Zeref's child (because he is a demon from Zeref's book) before attacking Sting. As this happens, Zeref notes of strange magic presence before being teleported to Fairy Tail by one of his shield of Spriggan, Irene Belserion placing him in the same area as Fairy Heart (Mavis). This caused Zeref, the only survivor to become a student at the Mildian Magic Academy, where he researched the connections between life, death and Magic to revive his brother. He is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel, having originally died 400 years ago, being subsequently revived as his brother's most powerful Etherious: E.N.D. Natsu is shocked to hear Larcade call Zeref his father but struggles to keep himself awake from the spell. Zeref soon allowed the resurrected Natsu to be raised by Igneel, the King of the Fire Dragons, a close friend of his who along with, and the Celestial Spirit Mage, Anna Heartfilia, concocted a plan to send the Dragon Slayers - with their dragon foster parents sealed inside them - to a period of time that is rich in Ethernano so that their souls, which were maimed by Acnologia, could properly heal. She then says that she wants to help him to permanently leave the world. In reality, as everyone is worried for Natsu's well-being the latter mutters he will defeat Zeref in his sleep as Happy breaks down in tears while accidentally revealing to all that if Zeref were to be killed then Natsu will die along with him. Aug 21, 2017 - Explore Nalu! The series is set in a fantasy world full of magic following Natsu Dragneel, a fire breathing wizard with the powers of a dragon who is in search of his missing foster father, the dragon Igneel. As the fight between the two brothers continue, Natsu begins to improve and gets an equal footing with Zeref who expresses excitement at his brother's power. The clash between them causes a powerful pressure but in the end Natsu overpowers Zeref with his fiery emotions. See more ideas about zeref, natsu, fairy tail. Natsu is soon taken away by Brandish while Invel forces Gray and Juvia to fight to the death. Mavis asks then why was he afraid of Acnologia if that was the case as Zeref states even though he is not capable of dying his power is still no match for the Dragon King and if the latter had his way Mavis and Zeref will be the only people left doomed to be Acnologia's play things for eternity. Back at Fairy Tail, Zeref notes on how he struggled in his entire life with his curse and how could never truly be allowed happiness or forgiveness for his vile crimes. In this latest episode, we talk about the latest Star Wars rumors involving Rian Johnson, the Dragon Ball Super Broly controversy, an Alita conversation & so much more! Though shocked, Natsu denied this revelation by bringing up Igneel's failure to defeat E.N.D. Natsu soon arrives and stops Gray from using his spell as Zeref smiles at his brother's arrival. When questioned about this, Larcade gives the gathered mages his full name and his status as Zeref's "son". Zeref went on recounting that four hundred years ago their family was attacked by dragons and that Natsu was killed along with their parents. If you're itching for more Fairy Tail right now, Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest is an official manga sequel to the original series featuring original storyboards provided by Hiro Mashima and illustrated by Atsuo Ueda. Gray skips to the point by asking Zeref what his goal was as Zeref answered it was to procure Fairy Heart. Zeref remarks that Irene's attempts to buy time have run out and tells his brother that he must die for the sake of humanity and for his plans to succeed. Zeref admits that Natsu is right before calling him E.N.D. Fairy Tail 522: Zeref’s Plan, Gray’s Ultimate Sacrifice And Gildarts Vs. August ‘Fairy Tail’ Manga Chapter 521 – Universe One’s Return And Fairies Counterattack. August would die sacrificing himself to defeat his enemies and very soon his father, Zeref, would presumably share his fate. Zeref ended his tale by stating he lived out those four hundred years awaiting Natsu's arrival reflecting on how hard it was but Natsu soon lost his patience and charged at his brother, refusing to believe anything else Zeref is telling him. In a flashback to when Mavis's body was placed in a lacrima, Precht is confused by the fact that Mavis' body still contained life and was conflicted over whether he should kill it or let it live before he ultimately decided to allow it to live. Members This caused Zeref, the only survivor to become a student at the Mildian Magic Academy, where he researched the connections between life, death and Magic to revive his brother. Happy notes on how it belongs to Natsu as Mavis tells them that when Natsu defeats Zeref she will erase the black wizard and at the moment they will save Natsu through unknown means. Meanwhile, a wounded Larcade travels through Magnolia determined to protect his father. Elsewhere Dimaria, a Shield of Spriggan (who while tied up) attempts to escape two Lamia Scale mages before their souls leave their bodies. Zeref is surprised Gray would use this spell but states it will only freeze him as Gray states killing him would mean Natsu's death so he came up with a strategy that won't endanger his friend. After defeating Dimaria, Natsu held Lucy and noticed she was unresponsive (not knowing this was due to Dimaria's magic) as he broke down his demonic powers and instincts took over and he went out to find his brother. Zeref also explained how Igneel chose not to kill Natsu because he loved him too much to harm him. The only left after the light is Zeref's pendant holding his precious picture of him and Natsu together. At that second, Natsu angrily grabs and tells Zeref that life isn't about being allowed or not allowed anything but instead about making his own happiness stating that's what a family is. Zeref tried to kill Makarov hoping to enrage Natsu but Mest saved him. Even wild animals and plants die around him, unless he suppresses his love for all living things. Seriously can’t wait for next week’s Fairy Tail 463, titled “Black Carpet”, it’s going to be awesome! Exhausted, Natsu apologizes to Makarov for his actions as he believes that he has finished Zeref but the latter reforms along with the guild proclaiming his power surpasses time. Natsu vs Zeref will begin earlier then expected, but Natsu will somehow be stopped in his tracks. Natsu and Gray, both using their demonic powers start fighting seriously injuring the other while ignoring their surroundings such as the light of Fairy Law. Now having the power of god, Zeref takes fire dragon slayer attack from an enraged Natsu which destroys part of the guild and seeming destroys Zeref in the process. Meanwhile as he was being tended to by Porlyuscia, the elderly mage doctor informs everyone that Natsu's condition goes beyond her field of expertise. Not only is the villain the older brother of Natsu, but Zeref is the reason the Dragon Slayer is alive today. Natsu assures his friends that he won't lose in the fight. 23 Answers. Natsu Dragneel’s true form is Etherious Natsu Dragneel, short for END. Zeref realizes someone was writing in the book of E.N.D. Out of hatred for Zeref's demons, Gray declares he will kill Natsu resulting in a battle where Natsu stated he can't be stopped as he recall what triggered his demon powers to awake. Back to the fight between the two brothers, Zeref asks Natsu is that all the power he possesses as he voices his disappointment at his power before using his magic to bind Natsu. Meanwhile, Natsu is running through Magnolia telling Lucy, Gray went to Zeref's location. Larcade then uses his unknown magic which is called "Pleasure" and explains to Yukino and her allies it is a magic which takes the souls of those who are not pure of heart. Elsewhere Happy asks Lucy and Gray whether they should open the Book of E.N.D. Zeref is the brother of Natsu but Natsu is already dead,Zeref used a black magic on Natsu to wake up him that’s why Natsu is in our story One more thing he gave his full effort to bring him back to life so Natsu is the ultimate creation of life who is none other then the great demon (E.N.D). It was Natsu's death that inspired Zeref to create the Tower of Heaven and the Eclipse Gate. However, August is stabbed by Brandish who was brainwashed by Mest causing August to take on a new form and retaliate with a powerful magic blast. please tell me how is zeref related with natsu in fairy tail. Comments: 4 Kudos: 79 Bookmarks: 14 Hits: 1982; The adventures of us (Dragneel fanfic) by Dokihokidoki Fandoms: Fairy Tail Mature; Choose Not To Use … In this world, Natsu wonders where he was before being confronted by the human form of Acnologia who stares him down. 400 years ago, Natsu was born as the younger brother of Zeref, and they lived peacefully in a small village with their parents. ‘Dragon Cry’ Site Claims Shonen Series In Final Arc . Natsu doesn’t understand why he says such things, this is when he takes off the bandages to reveal Natsu has a tattoo of a dragon on his arm. 600x800px 476.41 KB. Zeref soon journeyed through a rocky area to meet with a mysterious individual where upon meeting that person he notes on the form they chose before taunting them on their lost arm. Zeref soon goes over what the two things he needs to open the gate :the power of Fairy Heart which Mavis possesses and states he is aware of her approaching and the time-lapse itself. hello guys! Zeref soon disappears and is replaced by Sting who explains to the confused Natsu that his subconscious erased Zeref's presence and that if Natsu follows him he'll arrive at his answer. 'Fairy Tail' Sees Natsu Learn About His Shocking Past, Dragon Ball Super's New Arc Appears to Revisit Bardock, The Promised Neverland Fans are Loving Season 2 So Far, Avatar: The Last Airbender Director Explains How They Approached Animating Fight Scenes, Viral Naruto Cosplay Brings Madara's Susanoo to the Real World, Digimon Adventure Titles Tease Long-Awaited Holy Arrival, Naruto Reveals a New Scientific Ninja Weapon, Anime Fans Revisit 10 of the Worst Series to Date. When Porlyusica, Evergreen and an unconscious Juvia arrive they question if the group on where Gray is before they all feel the might of August's power before the Shield of Spriggan fights against Gildarts. Dragneel Family Zeref states he does not have children or family as Natsu intently watches this. Zeref muses out an apology to his brother for what is about to occur. Like Mavis, Zeref holds family dear, to the end that he tried to use forbidden magic to revive his little brother, Natsu. Zeref told Natsu some information of E.N.D. This allowed him to break free of his constraints, completely able to move within Dimaria's time stopping magic and brutally attack a shocked Dimaria to save Lucy. August is soon defeated when it turns out that he uses copy magic and Gildarts (with the help of Cana) exploits this news by using his prosthetic arm and destroys August's staff. However, Gray tells Zeref he will defeat him but Zeref states it is impossible as he is immortal though does state if he does then Natsu will die. Relevance. Becoming suicidal, Zeref eventually succeeds in reincarnating Natsu's dead infant body as a so-called demon dubbed "Etherious Natsu Dragneel" (E.N.D.) As a kid, Zeref was an ordinary child hoping to pursue his passion for life and cared deeply for his little brother, Natsu. Acnologia states he will use them to stabilize his power while Natsu (recalling his foster father's death at the dragon king's hands) angrily demands for him to be silent. Natsu and his group soon meet Brandish and shrunken Dimaria who expresses her fear of Natsu as he states his lack recollection on the beating he gave her. Natsu immediately attacked what he thought to be Zeref but was told that he is not the real Zeref instead a projection who informs Natsu his death will come very soon and it is for that reason he has come to guide Natsu through some of his lost memories. Behind Me (Relationship Between Natsu and Zeref) Fanfiction. With the help of Sting, Rogue and Gray Natsu was able to defeat the demon who had relinquished the book of E.N.D.. Zeref later returned during an argument between Gray and Natsu over the book of E.N.D., having come to reclaim the Book of E.N.D for himself before summoning it to his very hand claiming its very important to him. "Natsu, you were talking about your memories earlier, if you don't mind..what did you see? Natsu raised his egg with Lisanna and they have been … He firmly tells Zeref that if he will say that he doesn't have such a thing when he still has a family member, then any bond they shared is over before finally acknowledging and referring to Zeref as his big brother. He reveals with Mavis' power it would allow him to return to his time as a mortal and allow him to reset everything so that way no one would have to suffer from his actions while stating it means Natsu would be human once more and Acnologia would never gain power. He is the younger brother of Zeref Dragneel, having originally died 400 years ago, being subsequently revived as his brother's most powerful Etherious: E.N.D. Mavis then says that the reason she died was because she did not love Zeref as much as he loved her, a… Feb 5, 2020 - Zeref information, including related anime and manga. Zeref remarked that he wanted to settled things with Natsu but Acnologia interfered but promises to bring Natsu more despair should he live through the Dragon King's onslaught. . Just as they are about to deliver a fierce blow to the other, their fight is stopped by Erza who reprimands them for their foolish actions. Add Zeref as a favorite today! and Natsu moved to attack Zeref with the Heat Blade after the latter told him Igneel failed to defeat the demon. I replied that Zeref looks more like Ur, and when I went to look up two pictures of them to show what I mean, I realized they look creepily alike. Mr. Dragneel (Deceased)Mrs. Dragneel (Deceased)Zeref Dragneel (Deceased)Natsu DragneelAugust (Deceased) Natsu berates his brother for his intentions by stating it doesn't matter if the world suffered from his actions as they have lived on as a result. Natsu figures out his identity as Acnologia by recognizing his power before he sees his fellow dragon slayers trapped in crystalized pillars. Natsu is soon healed by a Shield of Spriggan named Brandish who shrinks his tumor down to a size where it won't affect him. Mavis states that in order for it to be a success no one must enter the guild. Zeref tells Natsu his full name is Zeref Dragneel and states he is Natsu's older brother. in the hope that Natsu would be capable of killing him. Larcade Dragneel is a major antagonist from the manga/anime series Fairy Tail. from Mard Geer Tartaros. In response, Natsu tells his brother that he doesn't intend on dying and that he will burn his destiny if he has to. (NOT RELATED TO THE TWO OTHER DRAGNEEL STORIES) THIS STORY ONLY FOCUS ON THE GROWING RELATIONSHIP OF NATSU AND ZEREF. RELATED REPORTS BY THE INQUISITR. Other Natsu's Relationships Image Gallery 1 Fairy Tail Guild 1.1 Happy 1.2 Lucy Heartfilia 1.3 Gray Fullbuster 1.4 Erza Scarlet 1.5 Gajeel Redfox 1.6 Wendy Marvell 1.7 Lisanna 1.8 Zeref Dragneel 1.9 Gildarts Clive 2 Others 2.1 Jellal Fernandes 3 References Main article: Happy Happy is Natsu's inseparable companion and best friend. The group is interrupted when a light engulfs them. Natsu was angered to learn Zeref was the Emperor of the Alvarez Empire while Zeref was pleased that Natsu was on the island. When Invel (a Shield of Spriggan) freezes Natsu and his friends (except Gray), Natsu manages to free everyone causing Invel to smirk as he confirms Natsu's connection to Zeref. However, Natsu died at a young age alongside their parents, courtesy of a Dragon attack. An injured Natsu was forced to listen as Zeref explained everything: he and Igneel were friends, Zeref allowed Igneel to raise Natsu and Natsu was sent to the future through the Eclipse Gate along with Gajeel, Wendy, Sting and Rogue to help their dragon parents defeat Acnologia. Natsu unleashed the last bit of Igneel's power within him and does the most damage to Zeref yet. All rights reserved. Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy land in a forest to rest at a pond where Happy tends to his burnt paws as Natsu struggled to process everything he learned from Zeref while making a promise with Happy to find a way to defeat Zeref without endangering his own life. Natsu quickly goes on ahead and punches Zeref with his left arm, then a right hood bashes him down a long way out. Natsu rushes towards Zeref at maximum speed to finish this war before it even begins! As the battle between Zeref and Natsu comes a close, Natsu unleashed the last bit of Igneel's power within him. While Natsu was sent to the future, Zeref lived out the four hundred years awaiting his brother's arrival and would meet young girl by the name of Mavis. Zeref ultimately survived the attack as Natsu prepared to attack him once more but Zeref stopped him in order to finally reveal the truth. After Universe One wears off, Natsu and the others are sent to Lucy's apartment where Natsu states they will begin their journey to their guild. It is revealed that Zeref had found the time-lapse and because it was filled with time magic, he sealed it off until he can use Fairy Heart to open. Standing over Zeref, Mavis tells him that he hurt her friends and that she can never forgive him for doing that. Having recovered the Book of E.N.D., Zeref left the area as Natsu angrily glared at him. Natsu questions this as Sting states he'll find out the true identity of what it is that lurks inside his body. When Zeref was cursed by Ankhseram and then killed everyone around him with his newfound, unwanted Curse of Contradiction, Zeref wished to die and wandered around, creating the Etherious in the hopes that they would kill him, but instead turned to reviving his dead brother, having preserved his body, as an Etherious, thus fulfilling his goal of bringing his brother back and creating something that could kill him: E.N.D. "But that's where I want to sit Ice Princess!" Zeref reappears to tell his younger brother that his "death" has drawn near stating the answers lay ahead for Natsu. 's board "Natsu and Zeref (brothers)", followed by 1732 people on Pinterest. The heat blade was unable to damage Zeref as he told natsu that he would be given a choice let E.N.D live or destroy it which left the boy confused. Zeref and Mavis converse over their lives and how their curse has affected them before Mavis expresses her hate for him and her love which causes her to kiss him. When Natsu died, Zeref felt really upset and pledged to revive him no matter what. Larcade then tells Sting that he will be the one to kill Natsu having decided on that for years. First, Zeref reveals his name is Zeref Dragneel and that he's Natsu's older brother. With this choice, the seeds in Natsu's body break as Igneel tells Natsu to rise on his feet as the latter thanks his foster father. Copyright 2020 ComicBook.com. Natsu berates Gray for his second attempt at the Iced Shell as Gray says his recent actions state he doesn't belong in the guild as Natsu states his own actions are no better while asking Gray if they are friends. harms him as well. He congratulated Mard Geer for his efforts to "revive" E.N.D. It was because of Zeref sending Natsu to the future that Natsu and the other dragon slayers saved Magnolia from Edolas. Igneel entrusted a protesting Natsu with procuring the book of E.N.D. Later at unknown location, Zeref ominously remarks that Natsu has to try and surpass him while calling the dragon slayer "Etherious Natsu Dragneel" revealing that Natsu is E.N.D. 7 years ago. Series. and said demon leading Tartaros until Zeref reveals Tartaros was really created by Mard Geer who found Natsu's book and used it to control the other demons. Despite the warnings given to him by his elders, Zeref ignored them, and successfully managed to revive Natsu, but as a demon, known as E.N.D. All of them, excluding Zeref, were shock, never did they saw Gray so angry and it nearly scared Juvia but she stayed still and they all glared at Zeref. Igneel states the two seeds are trying to merge together which is what is happening to Natsu's body right now. Invel internally states his intention of molding Gray into a warrior capable of defeating E.N.D due to believing it is the only thing standing in Zeref's way of his ultimate goal. Rogue Cheney is the Shadow Dragon of Sabertooth's Twin Dragons and one of Fiore's strongest Mages. .

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