It seems to me that Hiro Mashima likes to develop Gray in a way by forming his character to face off against these strong opponents. 15. I think Invel shouldn’t be one shorted just because Gray suddenly has a better reason to, magically got water magic transferred or whatsoever. Discover (and save!) However, Gray denied having had anything to do with the weird incident. Gray has become proficient enough in this Magic to be able to encase an enemy in a spiked cocoon of ice and manipulate it. Là il va pourvoir deployer toute sa magie contre un mage très puissant du même élément que lui. 4 Gray VS Invel Yura. Gray really met his match when he went up against Invel Yura of the reputable Spriggan 12 squad. So he should scale. ONGOING BATTLES: Gray vs Invel (resumed) Beranda Fairy Tail Fairy Tail 498 – Gray vs Invel. It was he who chained Gray and Juvia together by the neck and forced them to fight to the death. Invel does not use Molding Magic like Gray, but he just uses the power of ice itself so his is more "pure". your own Pins on Pinterest Fairy Tail - Gray vs Invel. Forum Posts. Aug 24, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by April ☀️. "Gray vs. Invel" (グレイ vs. インベル, Gurei vs. Inberu) "Gray and Juvia" ( グレイとジュビア , Gurei to Jubia ) "Fire and Ice" ( 炎と氷 , Honō to Kōri ) The Invel conspiracy. Juvia (barely even a fight but okay nonetheless), Ultear, Silver and now Invel. natsu dragneel fairy tail ft gray vs invel fairy tail invel winter general invel e.n.d natsu e.n.d. Сподели 0. He is the emissary of Alvarez, serving as the Emperor's chief of staff and consul. Invel's only legitimate battle was against Gray and the biggest damage done to gray was done by Gray himself. 1569. Fairy Tail 498 – Gray vs Invel. As odd as that is, it's kinda awesome. Aug 24, 2016 - This Pin was discovered by Nalu!. Gray vs. Invel. It seems that Mavis’ only hope if for the defeat of Invel, which Gray shall have to complete or else Mavis will die. Coub is YouTube for video loops. your own Pins on Pinterest Followers. May 12, 2018 - Nuevamente gracias por haberme pasarme los colores de Invel AyameChi Drawing: Hiro Mashima LineArt&Color: RogueFull Gray vs Invel Fairy Tail Manga 498 If Silver knows how to utilize his magic properly (and assuming there is no plot involved like in Gray vs. Invel), then Silver should be able to eat Invel's ice no problem. Invel Yura is part of the Alvarez Empire as one of the Spriggan 12, the protection guard of Emperor Spriggan. 498: Gray vs. Invel Gray steht Invel gegenüber und scheint als Einziger gegen seine Eismagie immun zu sein. See a recent post on Tumblr from @bookinganimelady about gray-vs.-invel. Reviews: 0. Titled "Gray vs Invel," the chapter shows the two going to head to head, but will the former be able to defeat the latter? 4 Gray Fullbuster vs. Invel Yura. In the next chapter, Invel vs Gray begins and it's clear right away that Invel is not a pushover. Gray threw a punch forward, colliding against Invel's arm. Fans waiting for a Gray Fullbuster versus Invel Yura fight are in for a treat. Gray feels the chills from Invel that it even pushes him and Mavis to feel his wrath. Invel Yura is a unique ice mage in that his special ability is literally freezing objects, rather than creating objects from ice. Invel is an ice master like Gray, and his heart is just as cold. He can also use this Magic to boost the Power of his Ice-Make. Related Video with Gray vs Invel Yura | Fairy Tail AMV ~ Fight ᴴᴰ | Fairy Tail vs Alvarez Boruto Episode 27 English Dub. Gray vs Invel Yura | Fairy Tail AMV ~ Fight ᴴᴰ | Fairy Tail vs Alvarez's Video From Innofeed AMV have lenght about 4:12 and was viewed more than 106866 and is still growing. Brandish takes Natsu, Lucy and Happy from there as Juvia and Gray are chained… But ultimately, what decided the match for me is that Silver is a Ice Devil Slayer and Invel is a regular Ice Mage. By feats Gray is>Laxus.He fought on par with Natsu and fought a superior Spriggan in Invel.On the other hand, Laxus struggled against Wahl. In fact, he can literally freeze Gray's ice attacks. Gray’s cold will be nothing compared to Invel’s. Read Fairy Tail Fairy Tail Manga Gruvia Fairytail Air Gear Bleach Manga Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Cowboy Bebop Manga Pages. Gray vs Silvers amv Gray Vs Silvers full fight Fairy Tail 2 Episode 249 - 251 Fairy Tail (2014) Ep 77 AMV fairy tail 2 ep 77 Gray vs Silvers Anime : Fairy Tail .\r \r AMV Gray vs silver/deliora AMV // AMV Fairy tail Anime: Fairy tail Song: I am Stronger Tags: AMV fairy tail, amv natsu, amv gray vs silver, amv gray vs deliora, .\r \r Fans will recall that in Chapter 497, Natsu's flames got frozen and he was blaming Gray for it. Fairy Tail Manga 498- Gray vs. Invel [ Bg Sub ] Яко е! This allows him to freeze anything, including Gray’s own ice spells. Discover more posts about gray-vs.-invel. These two ice mages caused yet another explosion of ice, only fueling the intense snowstorm that surrounded them. Sur ce fil c'est la même se serait bien que vous restez sur le sujet Gray VS Invel. Sliding back, Gray instantly formed a bow and arrow of devil slaying ice and let that arrow fly. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme … Er hofft, dass er so die Dunkelheit in Gray erwecken kann, damit er stark genug ist, um gegen END zu kämpfen. Fairy Tail 497 ends here. Mit der Ice Devil Slayer Magie, die er von seinem Vater geerbt hat, schafft er es sogar, Invel zu verletzen. dragneel brothers ayyyyy fairy tail manga zeref zeref dragneel zeref x invel thatsincestinvelyounastyshit His epithet within the Empire is the "Winter General" due to his cunning use of Ice Magic. Invel hat Gray und Juvia mit seinem Ice Lock verbunden und zwingt sie nun dazu, gegen ihren Willen gegeneinander zu kämpfen, bis einer von ihnen stirbt. Gray has had his fair share of unnecessarily tough opponents. Ehh.Ace did that feat with his passive heat.I know Sanji is trash right now,but I don't believe Ace can passively oneshot him.. Fairy Tail Chapters 497 & 498 Review - The Winter Mage & Gray vs Invel - hello guys anime favourites 2016, i give you my personal list Fairy Tail Chapters 497 & 498 Review - The Winter Mage & Gray vs Invel, also some of information and news about my favourites aime in 2016 enjoy and leave comment. Wiki Points. Sinon pour donner mon avis , je pense que Gray a effectivement une arme secrête ou qu'il en a développer une en s'entrainant .

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