• What can young Americans do to make our democracy more inclusive?
  • How does race in America extends beyond Black and White?
  • What role does faith play in the lives of youth today?
  • How are policing and criminal justice issues impacting this generation?
  • Has America entered a post-racial era?
  • If so, what are the challenges of race in such a time?
  • What are the cultural and political roots of the n-word, and is it still relevant?
  • Who can and should use the n-word, and when is it appropriate?
  • Voter registration and voter education—what’s at stake for youth?
  • What are the political issues that matter to the hip-hop generation?
  • Why the hip-hop vote counts and to whom?
  • How is hip-hop contributing to the misogyny and homophobia in our national culture?
  • How do degrading images of women affect women, girls, men and boys?
  • What are hip-hop artists and activists presenting as alternatives to the dominant representations?
  • Is hip-hop today's minstrel show?
  • Is the appropriation of hip-hop perpetuating racial stereotypes?
  • How are Americans who identify with hip-hop viewing race differently?
  • Can race escape its role as a means to divide and conquer in American politics and instead be used in this generation as a means of social change?