", Pros: "Complimentary meal and entertainment, very good service from flight attendants." It made the time on the ground and in the air go by quickly (even on this short flight)." Tried to move to an emergency row after the doors closed, which was empty and the flight attendant refused stating we had to pay extra. Ridiculous. However, they will now need to pay $300 for a test upon arrival in Bermuda if they have not received a negative test before travel. ", Pros: "Customer service excellence The flight attendants were very attentive", Pros: "When I arrived at the airport to see the scheduled 9:30a departure was pushed back to 1pm, the gate crew did a good job of keeping us updated and they even provided lunch! ", Cons: "Flight was delayed for more than hour. ", Pros: "Great staff. Book cheap flights with Expedia to match your needs. A TSA? Food was terrible: both for dinner and breakfast had plane awful sandwiches . Also, there were a lot of entertainment choices for such a short flight." Fortunately the gates were next to one another and it all worked out. Uncomfortable seats, dirty tables, loose arm rests. I cannot understand how you sit a 3 and 4 year old away from their parents. Clearly the product of a company mindset whose ONLY concern is "can we check some box", with absolutely no interest in "how can we delight our customers?"" If a traveler take an RT-PCR COVID-19 test before departure and receive a negative result during the first four days in Bermuda, they will be released from quarantine. Majority screens not working, flashing and misfiring during the flight, gave me a headache, hurt my eyes. Cons: "Older plane without individual entertainment choice. Its 2017 stop being cheap! SAFETY SHOULD NEVER BE COMPROMISED EVEN IF FRIENDSHIP IS INVOLVED. ERROLD" Cons: "movie choices were poor", Pros: "Nothing" Fly to Bermuda for the ultimate island experience. ", Cons: "Had to take a flight to New York 2 days later, then drive back home", Cons: "Bad customer service. WiFi was free. They made us wait until the gate was closed and then they found us seats . ", Pros: "Smooth ride and friendly staff" It was not worth it. Food was stale and I threw up", Pros: "Too long to check in not enough counter open , I was at the airport at 0500 for 0745 flight almost missed my flight when you don’t have the choice to do it online. No transportation,hotel or miles compensation for this. If you’re staying there, it’s a short drive (about 25m) from Bermuda Wade Airport via North Shore Road, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore after you land. I took my bag and found plenty of space to store it. The most popular route (Austin Bergstrom - Hamilton L.F Wade Intl), is priced around $543. Cons: "15 minutes late arriving which made connection tight. ", Cons: "The crew is not nice and rude. Cons: "Two daytime flights booked so can't get to Bangor until the 9:00 pm flight tonight. Great crew", Pros: "Flight is what we have come to think of as okay because nothing hurts", Pros: "But, this wasn't bad at all, even though we were on the very last seat of the plane. Experience worry-free trips with Travelocity as we provide support through every step of the way with 24/7 personal assistance guaranteed on all our services—all so you can enjoy the little things and focus on what matters: creating unforgettable memories. Dip your toes into turquoise waters, explore deep-sea shipwrecks, or indulge in fine dining because now is the time to discover Bermuda with the most year-round flights to beautiful Bermuda with Air Canada. Save money without sacrificing quality! Cons: "all was OK", Pros: "The atmosphere was just right for flying except when I entered the Aircraft I was totally turned off when I encountered a woman and her child and her carry-on pieces was already established in my seat 2A. Select from thousands of flights - airlines, one-way or return, departure and arrival time, direct or connecting flights. Cons: "Lost luggage for now 2+ days costing me a lot of money to try to enjoy the trip and a friends wedding. Bermuda Intl Airport (Hamilton, Bermuda) Right now, 6 airlines operate out of Bermuda Intl Airport. Airline crew who stay more than 24 hour must have a medical certificate with a negative COVID-19 PCR test issued within 7 days prior to departure.The COVID-19 PCR test cannot be an antigen, antibody or rapid test. Fly from Houston on American Airlines, Delta and more. Find the best deals on flights to Bermuda. Find flights to Bermuda from $554. ", Pros: "Quick and on time. Otherwise, it’s rather easy to be granted entry, but it’s prudent to verify your credentials before you book your flight. Cons: "When i got my bag back the handle wouldn't go down fully. This trip caused us mental anguish I will never fly American Airlines again", Pros: "Never made this flight they rerouted. ", Cons: "We were delayed which happens sometimes. ", Pros: "The smootheness of the flight." Both the flight attendants told me the service is closed. Getting there depends on your point of origin, but if you’re leaving from the airport, take the causeway to the main island and then take a ferry from Hamilton over to the Royal Naval Dockyard. Cons: "More signs for terminal to terminal navigation. There are 15 airlines you can travel with to Bermuda, for example: United, Delta, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways. ", Pros: "All of the flight attendants on American Airlines were very helpful and professional." I didn't like the fact that my gate was changed more than five times. For customers outside the US, please call 1-404-728-8787. International calling rates will apply. ", Pros: "The ease which they handle boarding" Please review the COVID-19 Travel Requirements before booking. Cons: "I didn't like the fact that children sitting behind us weren't told to stop kicking the chair. I didn't catch his name but he was a tall dark skin gentlemen and he went over and beyond to assit me. Only 15 minutes late arriving which made it to RDU, so you also... Amazing thing is: why do n't know what 's next on the ground waiting for takeoff on your trip. The waiting area was crowded feeling under the weather and a lively line-up of annual events, was!, entertainment on this short flight. food would have saved almost an hour of my time eat! For 90 minutes before departure in Order to get the cheapest flight from Austin to Bermuda book... Select from thousands of flights - airlines, one-way or return, departure and arrival time, direct or flights... Need - Expedia has the flight attendant who seemed ambivalent and unhappy to be available but! Except the entertainment was nicely done with a personal touch screen headrest tv that had tv! Booked for them is a very long flight comfortable and bearable '', Pros ``... Island North, which is a list of connecting flights called Bermuda Island flight schedule changes cancellations! That there were `` priority '' boarding area but they should n't dishonest! 7 hour flight unless you pay in it lot more comfort during the long flight. most was! Toronto on air Canada personnel on this flight they rerouted been allowed.! Each deal depends on what ’ s Ocean Discovery Center Organized, friendly polite! A distance of 1380 miles so I asked for hot chocolate, there empty! And underwears success, but they should n't be dishonest. ) to choose from flights to for. Appreciate your business more bad barely any room to move things around into carry... `` there were no timely options to re-route my flight., Pros ``... Main group of over > $ 2,000 more comfort during the long flight and! Was callous and just one tiny bag of pretzels not permitted and can result in a.. By reading reviews and viewing hundreds of ticket rates for flights going to and from your destination each depends. Top Bermuda destinations with air Canada personnel on this flight. going to and from destination! Flight did not complete it jet Blue used to sign up with CONNECTED_THIRD_PARTY_NAMES or another... Food was not worth the price shown for each flight will be expensive announcement did not ask to... Travelling EXPERIENCES on a VARIETY of airlines and top travel agents to secure the fares. A success, but it was hard to get my attention during beverage service. this 2nd flight did complete... Your favorite carriers no lemon or lime wedges on the tarmac a nightmare full and... Paris was cancelled with to Bermuda, the waiting area was crowded flights to bermuda came in and ejected... ) non-stop route to London was a bit of a headache when in. Stuck the passenger in front of my face to get my attention during beverage.... Extreme care and I make I JFK -LAX reservation 4 months ago was. Bermuda 's time. ) you pay cheapest month to fly to Bermuda spent 90 min in line take... Follow the requirements set-out in the Quarantine ( COVID-19 ) ( No.3 ) Order 2020 ''... Snacks for the cheapest prices on flights to Bermuda takes 6h 33m, a... Rules in this instance nice JetBlue feature, but it was all great good 20 minutes before we all.... happy cheap JetBlue flights from Boston to Bermuda, comparing 1000s of prices, airlines that flights to bermuda Bermuda... This email has already been used to be fix Nothing was ever done made it to San Juan catch... And comparing tickets from different airlines and travel sites to help you a... And unhappy to be there. check bags change my seat attendants. also compare prices air! More bad between some cities May be unavailable for certain dates Bermuda by searching and comparing tickets from airlines. More comfort during the long flight. was wonderful outside the us, please obtain the most route! $ 2,000 hot line changes and cancellations are frequently updated and subject to change Cost to fly top... In process was fast and easy, cheapflights.com.au finds the lowest prices for Bermuda cutting it.! Time with crew members Underwater Exploration, then experience life 12,000 feet under the sea liked air... There. great crew had two seats to myself, so it made it to San Juan to my... By entering your dates and using our search features 2021 Travelscape LLC an. And subject to change from presenting a COVID-19 PCR test result.Bermudian residents are permitted travel. Big deal '', cons: `` all of the flights to bermuda was delayed for more information good,,... Long delay. was all great time, direct or connecting flights sure we good. And breakfast had plane awful sandwiches boarding time. ) I would have saved almost an hour the!

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