Food is costly in these places. All you got to have is courage and planning to execute such trips. Click on the link to read more about the trek and Parvati Valley villages like Tosh, Chalal and Malana. I smoked a couple of joints with this fellow and Ravi, the guesthouse owner. It will take 3 hours trek to reach Kheerganga from Rudranag Village. 2. We also reserve the right under Force Majeure Events to cancel your travel arrangements / offer alternative dates / revise the itinerary before or during the trip. At first I was reluctant but then thought, bhaad me gayi duniya, ayen hain to karke jaynge (screw the world, I have come here and will do as I like). So it is advised to take a guide and own food and bag-pack tents. I stopped right there, had a lot of water and I was done. Within 10 minutes I was out of that water and as I put on my clothes, I saw those very people “trying” to enter the water but not everyone can muster the same courage (not boasting just saying the observed). From Bhuntar, my bus left for Manikaran and the ticket cost me mere 50Rs. He told that he had booked his seat at 4pm for bus at 8pm. After your descent, you can walk to Tosh for your overnight stay. If you are thinking of giving up at this point, don’t do so because just a little more effort and you will be at the top. Rocks, dam, overbridge and roaring river flowing beneath. Trek equipment like sleeping bag, mattress, kitchen & dining tent, crampon, utensils and tent There is a different trekking path for Kheerganga from Tosh village. A dip in the hot springs will replenish your body and keep you warm in the cold weather. Kheerganga Trek Route Details There are two trekking routes for Kheerganga from Barshaini for you to choose from. So relaxing is the hot water; it is said to cure all your joint ailments. Smiling faces all the way. Local transport Kasol – Barshaini – Kasol Furthermore, after about 3 to 5 km, comes another popular café. Seize this opportunity to click pictures of the Himalayan landscape once again. They went ahead while I took a break. Next I reached the Gurudwara where I first brushed (there was specifically an area for this), got freshened up and then went for the hot water dip. Kheerganga trek is one experience that anybody would be happy to get lost in; into the good vibes from the clean and fresh medicinal atmosphere of nature. So now I was relieved that even if I had to pay a much higher amount, I’ll be able to reach Delhi early morning so that I could join office and also avoid the break journey. Grade: Easy Best Time to Take on Kheerganga Trek The best time to visit Kheerganga is during the summer or and . Made out of wood, this temple is very beautifully built. People living here can boast of such beauty hills have to offer. I reached Manikaran after about two hours. A 4-day hike through lofty mountains of the Parvati Valley, this trek will take you up to an Since not many people go for this strenuous trek, the route is quite empty. You have been invited to join, a community for outdoors enthusiasts where you can join Tribes, interact with Gurus and get up to speed on adventure activities and destinations, Chalal Tosh and Kheerganga Trek from Kasol. This is the briefest and most favoured course and takes 3-4 hours for an individual with normal trekking speed. It is unlikely that we will have to make any changes to your travel arrangements. Obeying the instructions, I took off my shoes beyond the boundary, and in a swift I was down to my shorts which I had bought for playing badminton few weeks before. Trek to Kheerganga Everybody always talks about the Malana trek but the picturesque Kheerganga is much more rewarding. A usual calculation of 10rs/km and I offered him 30rs; he was happy. Also known as ‘Little Israel’ and ‘Amsterdam of India’, Kasol surprises every traveler with its vibrant souvenir shops, Israeli cafes, and hippies visiting from all over the globe. Force Majeure Event shall mean and include any circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Adventure Nation, including without limitation, any act of nature or the public enemy, accident, explosion, fire, storm, earthquake, flood, drought, perils of the sea, casualty, strikes, lock-outs, labour troubles, riots, sabotage, terrorists acts, embargo, war (whether or not declared), governmental actions, delay in issuance or processing of Visa/permit, change of laws and regulations, orders, or decrees, or other causes of like or different character beyond the control of Adventure Nation. 30 days before date of departure: 100% of total cost. Reaching Tosh, you’ll find many wooden huts and cottages, torn down and in form of shacks. How I felt indebted to that guy. I checked for a bus to Chandigarh and luckily found a seat. 31 - 45 Days before date of departure: 50% of total cost. On the route a couple more people joined who incidentally worked at a construction site (parvati dam). There are small pools of hot water where as a prasad you offer rice which is boiled in these pools to be offered as bhog during Puja. Drive for about an hour from Kasol to Tosh and start off with an exciting trek to the Tosh Valley. Finally, close your eyes under the blanket of stars and have a peaceful sleep. Kasol Tosh Kheerganga Package for INR3999 is one of the Best palces to visit in Himachal Pradesh. Book now to avail the offers. Day Four Saturday - Kheerganga to Tosh Trek We wake up early today after breakfast trek leader will start your journey to Kheerganga today. The trek will start from the base at Kasol and take you along a beautiful journey through charming forests of pine, nestling valleys, sparkling streams of the river and cosy camps under a gorgeous blue sky. Overall it was an educational experience. The first round, I observed them. Moreover the last bus as told by locals leave from Barsheni at 5pm. I entered all the temples one by one but the Shiv-Parvati one intrigued me much. Standing under the stream which falls into the pool was truly refreshing. Being of the same field (yes, sadly I’m a Civil Engineer), I thought of taking a detour to the hydropower site as I have never been before. Later at night, enjoy a wonderful bonfire and re-fuel yourself with a delicious meal. A place where Lord shiva meditated for many years. All I can wish is that these places don’t’ get commercialized in the name of religion anytime soon and may remain “untouched” for ages. Your request has been successfully submitted, Select Friends for Adventure Nation Requests. Kheerganga trek a perfect picturesque weekend trek near Tosh Himachal Pradesh in Parvati Valley. The food is very tasty and quite filling, especially the lassi. Begin your Kasol to Chalal Trek and on the way, explore the Hebrew cafes and vibrant souvenir shops of Kasol. By evening, I reached Tosh and even before entering the village I asked someone “bhaiya sabse sasta hotel 100-150rs wala chahiye” – (I need cheapest stay in the range of 100-150 rs). As we went down, I noticed the trail leading to Kalga, which was just before reaching Rudranag. Traveling solo, the only hardship is getting your picture clicked. There I had to wait for the guy and meanwhile had a cup of tea with biscuits which I carried from Delhi. The thrilling Kheerganga trek begins from the small village of Barshaini, the point of confluence of the Parvati and Tosh Rivers, to start hiking. On my bus, the policeman instantly recognized the fellow sitting beside me and said aur bike wale (the bike guy). Slowly, the trek started to show its efficacy. Dance the night away as the bonfire lights up the place, and enjoy a delightful dinner. I accept the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of Tripoto. 3. If you are looking more intense trekking, you can opt to trek to Tosh glacier via Kutla village. Tosh To kheerganga Trekking : Number one on any list talking about Kheerganga trek. Private taxis and personal vehicles do go all the way to Tosh; but personal suggestion – WALK. On the way I encountered the Parvati stage -2 dam which is a landmark point as it is also the starting point for trek to Kheerganga. The fellow was caught on his way up with hash and was fined Rs1000, so got the look. Right: Hike back to From the heights the village of Tosh will be like an obedient grandson below it. If this is the kind of adventure you seek, you must book this package right away to have an experience of a lifetime! After taking the bath for almost an hour, I rested on the sloping ground with the mountain in front of me and absorbing Vitamin D. I would have returned the same day, had I come earlier, but since it was getting late, at 3pm, there was no way I would have got back to catch a bus to Delhi. Getting energized, I enquired about buses for Manikaran. The very second I put my feet in the water they went numb. But alas, mamaji, who was cleaning the area told that Ravi would be here by 9am. At just about 8pm, a Volvo bus from Manali to Delhi checked in and that guy informed me that there are a few seats available. Mantalai is a 65km (5-8 day) trek from Kheerganga, where Parvati river originates. My water bottle was almost empty so I purchased another one for the trek ahead. It is a perfect destination for backpackers, with treacherous routes and challenging ascends and descends.

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