Reactions: Eric Denny. Euro Nymphing is popular method of trout fishing in rivers and streams. This recent Airflo rod has been specifically designed for euro nymphing. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The SYNDICATE P2 1134 is a big water fly rod designed for tighline nymphing on larger rivers. #f, Fun to hang with @broker_on_the_fly and @b.r.i.a.n. Tight lines. The Syndicate Pipeline Pro Series is exactly what you need to up your euro nymphing game. This is the time of year when we keep our minds busy with tying flies, preparing gear, repairing gear, and even sliding down mountains on skis o…, My own “Cardinal Rule,” broken… This is much lower than the $700 to $900 some other rod manufacturers charge. You really cannot beat tightline nymphing if you want to catch many fish or land big ones. It was a complete missile. World Class Euro Nymph Outfit. Discussion. Sorry! Syndicate Fly Fishing was born of the desire to offer high quality, performance fly fishing equipment and accessories while making the sport more accessible. I'm looking to pick up a 10'-3wt (maybe 4wt) euro-nymphing rod in the $250-$350 price range. The Syndicate P2 Pipeline Pro competition rod is exactly what you need to up your euro nymphing game. No slack. European-style nymphing is growing in popularity on trout waters across the United States, and fly rod manufacturers have taken notice. Messages 117 Reaction score 1 Location Northern Virginia. Go.  It is true that you can fish & euro-nymph with whatever rod you want, and this topic has been covered 1,000s of times in the past few years, however, the most effective way to euro-nymph is to use a rod that is built for it. Euro nymphing is a growing craze and more and more anglers are searching for the best euro nymphing rod to add to their kit. The tip is like a 3-wt., but as with all tightline fly rods, the fighting butt section is more like a 4- or 5-wt. You need a sensitive rod tip … G. greenriver. Syndicate Fly Fishing You’ll see your line pause very slightly or just move unnaturally for just a bit. In fact, if you usually fish with an indicator, savvy wish can taste and spit out a fly without moving the indicator. The easiest way to be sure that you have a workable balanced outfit is to let us put it all together for you. At SYNDICATE, we have a passion for all things fly fishing and outdoors. Like other tightline rods, this one is limber. Call UpCountry. They are also light in the hand for their length. My head has been spinning trying to learn enough to make an informed buy of my first Euro nymphing rod. So, I reached out to them and am grateful that co-founder Mark Longmire agreed to be interviewed. The Syndicate 10 ft. 2 weight fly rod is an incredible rod for czech and european style nymph fishing. Customers love the Echo Shadow II rod and it has proven itself both effective and durable. Probably crazy to ask but I’m looking for some hot spots besides the bridge in riverton. When I recently landed my personal best, a 22″ brown trout, the line paused for a fraction of a second. An email will be sent to the address below containing a link to verify your email address. It’s a pretty dynamic river. P2 Pipeline Pro Series Competition Fly Rods. It’s faster than my Sage ESN rod, and so, it took a few fish for me to get the hang of it. Keiryu excels at Euro style nymphing. The Echo Shadow II Euro Nymphing Fly Rod is the most popular rod at Red's due to its unbeatable price. Check it out! I immediately set the hook, and the fish was off to the races. It’s roughly in the range with the Cortland Competition and Redington Hydrogen rods that many anglers purview. As I wrote previously here, Syndicate is a new entrant in the tightline nymphing niche, and many competitive anglers are starting to use their fly rods. During the fight, it later jumped two more times. Be prepared to pay for perception. And, visit UpCountry. Knoxville, TN 37923. The Syndicate P2 Pipeline Pro competition rod is exactly what you need to up your euro nymphing game. Fall offic…, When visiting a new fishery for the first time, it is always best to ask a local for some fishing advice, at least some basics. Again, the Syndicate rod let me turn the fish’s head. what’s your choice – Syndicate Pipeline 3wt/10′ or Redington Hydrogen 3wt/11′ with a Redington Rise III 3/4? Our life-long passion for fly fishing and tying turned into the desire to offer technologically advanced products to a new breed of angler, while paying homage to fly fishing’s origins. The 10’ – 2 weight is an amazing rod for smaller fish and smaller streams. We believe that fly fishing brings people together, and our goal is to attract more people to the sport. This is perfect way to get into "Euro Nymphing" in an affordable, organized manner. Like new Syndicate Euro Nymphing Fly Rod. But put a sticker on those rods that says: "Euro Nymphing Rod" and the price goes up by $200! Introductory Euro Nymphing Rods Echo Carbon XL 10′ 3-Weight – $189.99 Image Credit to Trident Fly Fishing. It comes with a warranty, too. FIGHTING POWER tag fool you. This is important because big fish don’t usually slam nymphs. You’ll see your line pause very slightly or just move unnaturally for just a bit. These two rods seem to have excellent reviews, but I'm curious to get some first hand opinions from people who own them. The Syndicate P2 Pipe Read more Cortland Competition Nymph Rod Greys Streamflex Series G. Loomis Max Czech Nymph GLX Hardy Marksman Drifter Orvis Helios 104-4 Sage 99 Series Sage ESN Series Sage Z-Axis TFO Pro Series. Early in the fight, the fish bolted for some structure on the bank. The folks at Thomas and Thomas think it is the best tightlining fly shop east of the famous Blue Quill Angler in Colorado. This rod was designed by Tim Rajeff and guru Pete Erikson of team USA with the goal of putting out the best nymphing rod while maintaining some versatility. Honestly, there are no pre-determined hot spots. There are dirt parking areas all along the river that show where people go, but the best areas will differ based on time of year, time of day and the river’s flows and temperature. So, this is a very good fly rod. Upon moving to a new place, I met many “locals” and all of them seemed to have one bit of basic advice for many of the nea…, Syndicate MultiCam Camo/Khaki Trucker Hat. This outfit has everything you need, including the leader and flies. Renown for its lightweight and sensitivity, the P2 is quickly becoming one of the most popular competition fly rods in the United States. The Syndicate rod fought like a 5-wt. 100% of profits to charity. If you are new to euro nymphing and just want to dip your toe into the aspect of euro nymphing, the Echo Carbon XL is an excellent rod designed for anglers of all skill levels. I’m certain that without a limber fly rod, it would have broken me off. You can test them and then compare. I fished the Syndicate exclusively during my recent long weekend at the Farmington. Mark hasContinue Reading Used no more than 5 times, and only about a year old. The company is Syndicate and they have several models of Euro specific rods to choose from. Talk to Wade, Torrey or Grady for help, and feel free to mention the blog. and had no problems controlling the 17.5″ brown I landed last weekend (video below), which required some tricky and fast maneuvering in a very confined space. The lighter rods can be easier on your arm and shoulder if you’re drifting through seams all day with an outstretched arm. This let me efficiently cast dry flies. #1 New England Fly Fishing Blog. The rod is matte black and built for stealth, it has single foot guides which are also black, the rod has basically no shine to it other than the reel seat which I believe is aluminum.

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